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You’ve been watching it for months—every time you get in the vehicle. It may be a small chip in the windshield underneath the wiper blades, or a hairline crack on the passenger side. But it’s been there for a while, so what’s another few weeks—or months—before doing something about it? 

We recommend getting a windshield fixed or replaced at the first sign of trouble. Even a small crack can turn into a big one after hitting a bump in the road. Not only does that crack impair your vision, it also threatens the integrity of your windshield.

To report a windshield or auto glass claim with Dairyland®, call us at 800-334-0090.

Before reporting an auto glass claim, make sure you have:

  • Your policy number
  • Vehicle year, make, model, and style
  • Date when you noticed the issue

If you wish, when you call, we can transfer you to a service that will coordinate the scheduling of your auto glass repair or replacement at a shop of your choice and location, including your home or work.

Do you repair your windshield or have it replaced?

This is a common question, and replacement isn’t always the answer.

A damaged windshield doesn’t always need to be replaced. If your windshield has minor damage, such as a chip or crack smaller than a dollar bill, it’s probably repairable.

What you do need to do, however, is get your windshield repaired at the first sign of trouble.

The advantages to having your windshield repaired right away are:

  • You and your vehicle will be protected: Hit a pothole and even a small crack can shatter. Plus, a windshield repair helps maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle, as the original factory-installed seal remains in place.
  • You’ll save money: Dairyland may waive your comprehensive deductible for windshield repairs.
  • You’ll save time: The windshield repair process takes only about 30 minutes.
  • You’ll be satisfied with the result: If your windshield cracks further or you aren’t satisfied with the repair, the repair cost is credited to Dairyland and applied toward a windshield replacement (comprehensive deductible will apply).

So, when you notice a crack, give us a call at 800-334-0090. We’ll provide a claims process that’s as smooth as a new windshield.

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