Motorcycle Buying Tips

Before you put down the money to purchase a motorcycle, make sure you’ve done your research and asked yourself the right questions to ensure you buy the right motorcycle for your style and needs. The following questions are tips of what you should ask yourself before you decide what motorcycle will best meet your needs.

  • Am I an experienced rider?

    If you are not already an experienced, licensed motorcycle rider, you will need to take a motorcycle training course and become licensed. Training courses are also recommended if you were once a licensed rider, but have not been an active rider or maintained your riding skills. For a training course near you, go to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at
  • How do I intend to ride?

    The way you intend to ride will define the type of motorcycle you should consider buying. Are you interested in cruising the countryside in comfort? If so, you may want to look at a traditional touring bike. But, if you’re looking for speed and high performance, a sport bike may be more your taste.
  • How much should I spend?

    Most motorcycles purchased are luxury items, not necessities, so look at your budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on a toy. Depending on the type of motorcycle you choose, you could pay more than $20,000.
  • Do I really need a new motorcycle?

    Especially for first-time riders, a used motorcycle may be a better, more economical option. If you don’t spend a lot on your motorcycle, you won’t feel so bad when you decide to move up to a bigger, better model or when your motorcycle inevitably gets laid down on the pavement for the first time. If you do decide that a used motorcycle is the right option for you, carefully inspect the condition of the motorcycle’s frame. Walk away from a motorcycle with cracks in the frame, dents, weld tears or any kind of damage. These signs of damage could indicate potential safety hazards.
  • Is this the bike for me?

    When you start looking at motorcycles, take the time to find one that fits your body type. You should be able to put both feet flat on the ground when you are sitting on the seat. Also take into consideration, if you’re a first-time rider, that a high performance bike is probably more than you can safely handle. Start out with a motorcycle that matches your skill level.