Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycle safety gear is one of the most important aspects of staying safe on your motorcycle. It can protect you in the unfortunate case of an accident. At a minimum, we suggest that you wear the following gear each time you ride:

  • Helmet

    — always choose a DOT- (Department of Transportation) approved helmet which can be verified by a sticker placed on either the inside or outside of the helmet. To ensure a proper fit, you should have a professional help you choose an appropriate helmet.
  • Jacket

    — either leather or Kevlar® that is equipped with reinforced shoulders, back/spine and elbows
  • Pants

    — made of leather or non-leather material and should also have padding, removable liners and reflective material
  • Riding suit

    — one that boasts reflective material and armor pads with good ventilation
  • Gloves

    — there are different types of gloves for warm and cold weather. Warm weather gloves are usually equipped with perforated holes for airflow. Some also have a carbon fiber shell over the knuckles and padding on the palm. Cold weather gloves provide the same protection, but are insulated.
  • Safety vests

    — constructed of sturdy material, including the zippers and straps. The reflective material should deflect light in all directions.