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Motorcycle theft prevention

One motorcycle is stolen in the U.S. every 12 minutes*. Even more concerning is just 41 percent of those bikes were recovered. By following the strategies below, you can help prevent your ride from becoming a statistic.

  • At home, when possible park your motorcycle in a locked garage. If thieves don’t see it, it won’t be an easy target. If you must park outside, cover your motorcycle with a plain cloth or tarp, not a cover with a cycle logo emblazoned on it – that just announces to thieves what’s hidden beneath.
  • When leaving your bike in a parking lot, pick the safest spot. Park near a security camera or where you can easily see your motorcycle from a window or door. At night, park in a well-lit portion of the lot.
  • Always remove your key from the ignition. It would take a thief less than 60 seconds to ride off with your bike if you leave the key in it.
  • Consider locking your motorcycle to a secure, stationary object.
  • Use steering locks. They make maneuvering a motorcycle difficult, so thieves are less likely to take it.
  • Uniquely mark and then photograph your motorcycle. If it’s stolen, you will have identifying evidence to aid in its return.
  • Install an audible alarm. The alarm sounding will deter most thieves from actually taking your motorcycle, and it will alert you and others nearby that something is wrong.

*Based on May, 2014 Data Analytics Forecast Report by National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).