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Tips to prevent motorcycle theft

A recent law enforcement report found there’s one bike reported stolen every 12 minutes in the U.S.* Of those motorcycles stolen, just 42 percent are recovered.

What can you do to help keep your motorcycle in your possession and deter theft? Plenty.

In addition to having quality motorcycle insurance coverage, follow the motorcycle anti-theft strategies below to help prevent theft and keep your ride from becoming a statistic:

Store in a secure facility

At home, park your bike in a garage with the garage door locked, if possible. If thieves don’t see it, they don't know it exists. If you need to park outside, it’s a good idea to cover your motorcycle with a plain cloth or tarp, not a cover with a cycle logo emblazoned on it—you’re just advertising to thieves what’s hidden beneath.

Pick your spots

When leaving your bike in a parking lot, select the safest spot. Park near a security camera or where you can easily see your motorcycle from a window or door. At night, park in a well-lit area of the lot.

Take your key with you

Always remove your key from the ignition, no matter how soon you’ll return to your motorcycle. It takes a thief less than 60 seconds to steal your bike if you leave the key in it.

Lock your bike

Consider locking your motorcycle to a secure, stationary object with a cable lock, chain lock, or chain and padlock.

Use a steering lock

These locks make steering a motorcycle difficult, so thieves are less likely to steal your bike.

Tag and shoot

Uniquely mark your motorcycle, and then photograph your ride. If the bike is stolen, you’ll have identifying evidence that might help in getting it back.

Install an alarm

An alarm going off is enough of a theft deterrent to keep most thieves from committing the crime. Plus, the sound lets you know something is wrong and calls others’ attention to your bike.

Whether you ride a touring model or a sports bike, we offer plenty of other motorcycle safety tips in our On the Road blog. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

*Based on April 2018, Data Analytics Forecast Report by National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

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