Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Motorcycle theft is common – in the U.S. in 2010, one motorcycle is stolen every 11 minutes*. However, by following the strategies below, you can help protect yourself from becoming a victim of motorcycle theft:

  • At home, don’t park your motorcycle in easily visible locations. Whenever possible, park your motorcycle in a locked garage. If thieves don’t see your motorcycle, it won’t be an easy target. If you must park outside, cover your motorcycle with a plain cloth or tarp, not a cover with a cycle logo emblazoned on it – that just announces to thieves what is hidden beneath the cover.
  • If you’re parking in a public lot, pick the safest spot. Park where you can easily see your motorcycle from a window or door or near a security camera. At night, park in a well-lit portion of the lot.
  • Always remove your key from the ignition. It would take a thief less than 60 seconds to ride off with your motorcycle if you leave the key in the ignition.
  • Lock your motorcycle to a secure, stationary object. This makes it more difficult for a thief to get away with your motorcycle.
  • Use steering locks. Steering locks make maneuvering a motorcycle difficult, so your bike is less of an easy mark for thieves.
  • Uniquely mark and then photograph your motorcycle. If your motorcycle is stolen, you will have identifying evidence to aid in the return of your bike.
  • Install an audible alarm system on your motorcycle. The alarm sounding will deter most thieves from actually taking your bike as well as alert you and others nearby that something is wrong.

*Based on August 9, 2011 Data Analytics Forecast Report by National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).