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A long-distance road trip, beautiful scenery, and plenty of good food. What could be better for bikers?

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Motorcycle riders come in many varieties. A short list includes commuters, weekend wanderers, professional racers, and long-distance tourists. If you live for the open road and are always dreaming of the next long-distance ride, this one is for you. The Café to Café Grand Tour is a photograph tour and competition based in the Pacific Northwest.

The good news is, you don’t need to live in that region of the country to enter and enjoy the ride. And it just may be the perfect start for a long-distance tour of that majestic part of North America.

Photograph touring 

One of the fun ways you can see America and find great adventure is by participating in a photograph tour and competition. The basic idea is a tour promoter designs a challenge that requires you to ride to various places and prove your accomplishment by taking a photograph with your motorcycle at each destination. If completing the ride in a set amount of time is part of the challenge, some will require time and dated receipts as proof. These tour/competitions often offer side trips on interesting roads as a way to earn bonus points, or just to have more fun.

Ride to eat and eat to ride

The Café to Café Grand Tour is all about riding to restaurants and enjoying great roads along the way. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Sound RIDER! magazine, which sponsors the event, has selected 15 eateries spread across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. You don’t need to eat at every stop, but since we ride to eat and eat to ride, enjoying the food and keeping the receipt lets you earn bonus points for special prizes.

The tour runs from March 1st to September 30th, with an awards dinner in October in Kirkland, Washington.

Passport and motorcycle insurance

If you want to ride to all of the stops on the tour, know that you’ll be crossing the border into the Canada’s British Columbia. International motorcycle travel—even just for dinner—requires advance planning. Crossing the border requires a valid passport and a current driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement and the registration for your bike. You’ll also need motorcycle insurance for travel in Canada.

Café to Café Grand Tour

March 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018
Throughout the Pacific Northwest

Cost: $45.00

Sound RIDER! magazine
10115 Greenwood Ave North, #123
Seattle, WA 98133  

Till next time, ride safe!

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