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The AMA is a vibrant part of the motorcycle community

Added July 26, 2016
Motorcycle Community
If you ride a motorcycle, you have benefited from the hard work of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and its more than 214,000 members. The AMA is the world’s premier member-driven motorcycle organization. Chances are you have attended at least one of the 2,800 events each year that the AMA and its 1,100-plus chartered clubs and promoters either promoted or sanctioned. The AMA, without question, is a vibrant part of our shared motorcycle lifestyle and culture.

A little history of the AMA

The AMA was founded in 1924, growing out of what was known as the registered Riders Division of the Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association (M&ATA). That division of the M&ATA was developed based on an earlier organization of motorcycle riders called the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM). At a meeting in a Brooklyn motorcycle clubhouse, the FAM was formed by 93 motorcycle enthusiasts on September 7, 1903.

A simple but vital mission

The official mission statement of the AMA is simple and straightforward. “The mission of the American Motorcyclist Association is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.” Those few words should stir the heart of riders everywhere! They advocate for the rights and freedoms we motorcycle riders cherish.

Service beyond advocacy

The AMA does more than fight the good fight for motorcycle rights. It is the umbrella organization for the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, which oversees the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and Museum. The AMA preserves the storied history of motorcycling for future generations and honors the contributions of the heroes of motorcycle racing, business, and advocacy. Since 1992, the AMA has presented the Vintage Motorcycle Days Rally (VMD) that features vintage motorcycles and racing. The VMD Rally generates funding for the museum and hall of fame. This has become a bucket list event for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Membership information

The basic yearly membership costs $49 and comes with a subscription to the American Motorcyclist magazine along with a package of other benefits. There are more options for both riders and racers—including a roadside assistance program.

Till next time, ride safe!