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Women on Wheels International Ride-In celebrates its 32nd year

Added July 2, 2018
Tennessee Sign

Are you a lady rider or is there one in your family? Then, the Women on Wheels (WoW) International Ride-In is what you’re looking for. As it says on the WoW website: The annual event gives you the opportunity to ride, explore, and enjoy the beautiful country—all while making new ‘WoWderful’ friends.

WoW was founded in 1982, and hosted its first international ride-in in 1987. Each year, a different local chapter hosts the event to showcase the great roads, scenery, and interesting sights in their area. Remarkably, the event has never been held in the same place twice. This year’s 32nd event is happening in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Who is WoW

There are almost 70 Women on Wheels chapters around the world. In fact, the number continues to grow, since women are now the fastest-growing segment of motorcycle riders. Members are all ages and experience, riding motorcycles of all brands and styles. They come from all walks of life and use their motorcycles for commuting, touring, racing, and supporting charity events. The family-oriented organization has memberships for spouses and significant others—along with child memberships to encourage future riders. Members share the adventure and fun of riding and socializing, while positively promoting the motorcycling hobby.

International ride-in

Around 250 members from chapters across the country travel to the ride-in. That makes it big enough to be exciting, but small enough to make and renew friendships. Organizers set aside plenty of unscheduled time to enjoy riding and exploring with friends. Some of the scheduled events and features include:

  • Dealer sponsored rides
  • Self-guided rides
  • National and local vendors
  • Dynamic speakers and seminars
  • Banquet and awards ceremony

32nd Annual Women on Wheels International Ride-In

July 10-12, 2018
Johnson City, Tennessee
Holiday Inn Johnson City

Women on Wheels
P.O. Box 83076
Lincoln, NE 68501

Till next time, ride safe!

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