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Motorcyclists have Christmas wish lists, too

Christmas Motorcycle

With the holiday season upon us, you might still be wondering what gift to get for your motorcycle riding friends or family members. Motorcycle riders are passionate about their lifestyle, which might make it seem easy to pick out a great gift. But every rider is different, and there are multiple styles of motorcycles to ride. One list could not do justice to the wide range of desires, needs, and preferences of all motorcycle riders. Instead, we offer a few different short lists to inspire your creative thinking in regard to motorcycle-related gifts.

Money is no object

Let’s start with a quick list of big-ticket items riders might daydream about. This way, if you just won the lottery, you can give a gift sure to impress. Try these on for size:

  • Favorite brand of motorcycle manufactured the year the rider was born
  • A new 2017 model
  • All-expenses-paid motorcycle tour around the world
  • A pick from Jay Leno’s Garage or maybe just a personal tour of the shrine
  • All of the above!

Gifts that keep on giving

On a more sensible level, here are some things most riders will appreciate and benefit from for years to come. Some of these might be best served as a gift certificate for the listed item since the fit and style is a personal preference:

  • New full-face helmet with Bluetooth installed
  • Riding jacket with body armor
  • Riding pants or chaps with body armor
  • Motorcycle-friendly GPS with mounting kit
  • Life membership in the American Motorcyclist Association

Sensible selections

Thinking about a more modest gift that will be appreciated all year? Here are some things that are sure to please:

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation riders’ education course
  • American Motorcyclist Association one-year membership
  • Motorcycle battery charger
  • Subscription to a favorite motorcycle magazine
  • Maps, road atlas, or navigation app

Gifts from the heart

Sometimes we like to give gifts that extend beyond monetary value. You might call these gifts from the heart, and they reflect things that impact all motorcycle riders: 

  • Show respect for motorcycle riders’ right-of-way
  • Reduce the instances of being a distracted driver
  • Fund motorcycle safety courses
  • Facilitate a new comprehensive study of motorcycle safety
  • Push for universal availability of non-Ethanol gasoline

Those who ride know motorcycling is a gift of freedom and adventure in life. Sharing the motorcycle lifestyle with non-riders is a great gift to pass on. And being a safe rider is a gift to all of our families. Share the joy and ride safe!