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Novus plastic polish succeeds in removing scratches, adding shine to your motorcycle

Added August 22, 2017
polished motorcycle lights

We all like to keep our motorcycles looking sharp, clean, and shiny. However, after a few years of riding, some components on a motorcycle will begin to show the effects of aging. Further, if you have lost the battle with gravity and tipped your motorcycle at some point, you might have various dents and scratches.

While fixing metal dents and paint damage is more than most riders can handle, rejuvenating scratched plastic parts is a viable do-it-yourself project. We found a product for polishing plastics that sounded interesting, so we conducted a test.

Novus plastic polish—a system

Novus makes three different polishes designed to cover a range of scratches on most plastic products. The polishes are available in 2-ounce and 8-ounce sizes, so they are suitable for enthusiast use. They also offer a product called Polish Mates, which are designed for applying the polishes. The three polishes are:

  • Novus No. 3: For use on heavy scratches; requires Novus No. 2 for final finishing.
  • Novus No. 2: For use on fine scratches and faded or discolored plastics.
  • Novus No. 1: Cleans, shines, and protects. Repels dust. Fog resistant.

Our test

We know what these products are supposed to do, now it’s time to see if they actually perform. Track the progress in the following photos:  

  • Photo No. 1: We took a replacement lens for a trailer marker light and abused it to simulate common damage. On the left side, we scratched it with a knife tip, and on the right side, we filed it with a nail file.
  • Photo No. 2: Novus No. 2 was applied to the center band. After a light application and a wash, the file marks on the right were gone and the scratches on the left were reduced a little.
  • Photo No. 3: Novus No. 3 was used to remove most of the deep scratches.
  • Photo No. 4: Novus No. 2 was used to finish smoothing out the entire center section.
  • Photo No. 5: Novus No. 1 was used to polish and buff out the center section.

The last two steps were shiny enough to be a challenge to photograph. The scratch in the lower left corner of the lens was intentionally left unpolished as a proof-mark.


The polishing system worked as advertised. While we didn’t time our test, the process of polishing was way faster than taking the pictures!

If you have owned your motorcycle for a few years or are considering buying a used motorcycle, you’ll appreciate Novus Plastic Polish. You can freshen up a motorcycle windshield and plastic light lens and make them look almost new again.

Be warned: Using this product was easy enough that you’ll likely find other things around the garage to polish, too.


Till next time, keep that motorcycle shiny—and ride safe!


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