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Convincing my hubby to buy me a bike | Dairyland

Added October 6, 2016
Motorcycle Rider DeAnna DeCaluwe and Husband

A Rider’s Journey: This is the sixth in a series of blog posts by DeAnna DeCaluwe about her journey to recreate her father’s last ride.

I know, it’s a bit backwards. Two years ago, if you would have asked me if I ever would let my husband buy a motorcycle, I would have rolled my eyes and said no chance in h–e–double hockey sticks. Between then and now, however, my father became sick and passed away. I, being the hardheaded person I am, have become determined to re-create his last ride. Hardheaded, stubborn, determined—call it what you will—this is one thing my husband absolutely adores about me.

Let me say this. When I embarked on this journey, I had no intention of buying a bike. I simply aimed to take the class, rent a bike and re-create my dad’s ride. Easy breezy, right? Realizing, however, that there now will be a couple of months between taking the class and going on the ride, it occurred to me that I should probably get in some shorter trips for practice. My dad’s last ride, after all, was 40 miles of back roads between Nekoosa and Mosinee here in central Wisconsin. I’m convinced that riding 40 miles my very first time out on a bike is not the best idea.

So I’ve decided I need a practice bike, or—as I’ve tried to sell this to my husband—a short-term loan for my personal safety. It will allow me a few practice runs before my road trip so I feel a bit more comfortable when the big day comes.

Luckily, I have a very understanding husband, who appreciates all my crazy ideas—or at least most of them—and is willing to support me throughout this adventure.


Woman Smile Motorcycle Outfit

DeAnna DeCaluwe, a married mother of two boys, is the newest member of the Dairyland Cycle family. To recreate her father’s last ride, DeAnna is learning to ride this summer. Join her as she takes a rider’s journey.