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Visit So-Cal’s Rock Store

Added February 17, 2016
The Rock Store

Of all the motorcycle hangouts in the vastness of America, the Rock Store is perhaps the most famous of them all.

Visiting the Rock Store should definitely be on any rider’s motorcycle bucket list, as should riding the Mulholland Highway and the many great roads in the area.

Location is Everything

The Rock Store is located northwest of Los Angeles, in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. According to their website, “the Rock Store is an amazing place to get away from the city without going too far.” One visit and you will know their claim is valid.

Mulholland Highway is a popular road with area riders and it can be accessed from the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near the Arroyo Sequit Park or via several major roads that intersect the PCH. Coming out of Los Angeles, you can take the Mulholland Drive exit from Highway 101. From Mulholland Drive you can access the Mulholland Highway.

Famous, Exotic and Friendly

The proximity to Hollywood and Beverly Hills makes the Rock Store a place where you will see some beautiful exotic motorcycles and cars. Everyday riders and celebrities mingle and talk about motorcycles and riding. It’s a perfect example of how motorcycle riders of all walks of life share a unique bond and camaraderie. A frequent visitor is Jay Leno and the regulars always wonder what amazing machine he will show up with on any given day. If you are touring through this part of California, this place is where you will find local riders who can tell you about the area’s hidden gems of great motorcycle riding roads.

Visit the Rock Store and tell us what unique motorcycles you saw and who you met.


Till Next Time Ride Safe!