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Top Motorcycle Rides: The Pacific Coast Highway

Added January 19, 2016
Motorcycle ride along ocean
In the collective consciousness of motorcycle riders, the Pacific Coast Highway surely ranks high on the list of must-ride roads.

Just the name Pacific Coast Highway stirs a vision of riding along the entire western coast of our nation. Even riders who have never been west of the Mississippi have seen countless images of this dramatic coastal road in everything from motorcycle magazines to advertising and motion pictures.

So as you ponder what the upcoming riding season might bring, consider a trip down this epic highway.

Location and Route

In the California Freeway and Expressway System, this coastal road is aptly named California State Route 1, or lovingly called PCH. It also has many other designations along its route including Coast Highway and Cabrillo Highway as it weaves from the coastline to a few miles inland and in sections joins U.S. Route 101. It travels from its southern terminus near Dana Point south of Los Angeles to Leggett, Calif., in to the north where it joins again with U.S. Route 101 for the final time.

A Journey Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Riding the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway you will experience just about the full range of America’s road types from two-lane scenic highway to urban thoroughfares and crowded interstate highways. Most riders will likely want to skip the crowds and head for the scenic sections north of Los Angeles. One long scenic stretch is from Morro Bay to Monterey, where you can enjoy the majestic Santa Lucia Mountain Range meeting the sea. Along this section you will find the Hearst Castle, which is well worth stopping to sightsee.

Traveling north, your journey will bring you across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. From there you can enjoy another long scenic stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway until you reach the northern terminus at Leggett. While the Pacific Coast Highway officially ends at Leggett, consider following U.S. Route 101 north to see the giant redwoods and the beauty of Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

The Pacific Coast Highway is truly an epic road – one worth making the effort to ride.

Till next time ride safe!