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Your helmet protects your head. Are you protecting your helmet?

Added December 5, 2017
Helmet Halo
Riding a motorcycle with all the gear all the time is a mantra for experienced riders. Simply put, your motorcycle riding experience and safety improve when you ride with quality gear.

From head to toe, buying good gear is expensive—and well worth it. But it does add up to a sizeable investment. Odds are, the one investment that’s cost you the most and has the highest rate of return is a first-class helmet.

Maintain your motorcycle helmet

When it comes to maintaining your helmet, the first order of business is preventing damage from handling and storage when we take it off.  We’ve all seen it happen—a helmet is put on the motorcycle saddle or perched on a mirror, and then it falls to the ground. The impact not only mars the finish, it can leave ugly scratches and chips in the shell. It also uses up some of the helmet’s protective service life. 

Protect what protects you

We came across a product that offers a simple solution to protecting your helmet from this type of damage. It’s called Helmet Halo. It’s a ring of polymer that allows you to place your helmet on a variety of surfaces safely and securely. It works equally well on asphalt, gravel, or the table at your favorite lunch stop.

One size fits all helmets. It’s almost 1-1/2 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter—just the right size to support an inverted helmet without contacting the surface you rest it on. Small as it is during use, it can be twisted into half that size to fit easily in your saddlebag or small storage pocket on your motorcycle. It’s designed for use on the road and is also handy in the garage between rides.

The Helmet Halo is affordably priced and a true value when compared to the cost of a quality helmet. The small size also makes it a great stocking stuffer for the motorcycle riders in your family. Their slogan, “Protect What Protects You”, is also a good reminder for all riders when it comes to helmet care.

Price: $14.95, plus tax and shipping
Phone: 828-407-3742

Till next time, ride safe!

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