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On the Road: A motorcycle blog

Welcome to the On the Road Blog. When we can’t be on our bikes, we like to read about bikes, right? We’ve got you covered, with articles on motorcycle safety tips, motorcycle events, motorcycle gear, and an overview of some of the best motorcycle rides in the U.S. Check it out.
Virginia’s 32-mile Back of the Dragon route may be short, but it’s thrilling. This route features more than 400 turns and three mountain passes. Check out our rider’s guide to plan your trip.
Once you decide to sell your motorcycle, you probably have questions—from how and where to post your ad to protecting yourself against scammers. Our how-to guide will help you through the process.

19 January, 2023
Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine Zig-Zag offers motorcycle riders like you an exciting chance to explore the state’s rural roads and unique geography. Our rider’s guide will get you started.

17 January, 2023
Planning a visit to Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park? Not only does Skyline Drive pass through the entire park, it’s also a must-ride motorcycle route. Learn more with our rider’s guide.

10 January, 2023
Canceling your motorcycle insurance when your bike is in storage for the winter may seem like an easy way to save money. But the risks of not carrying motorcycle insurance in winter outweigh the rewards.

9 December, 2022
Planning on taking your motorcycle out for an after-dark ride? To better understand the risks—from poor visibility to drowsiness—and plan your ride, check out our 10 safety tips for riding at night.

8 December, 2022
For a relaxing motorcycle ride through the northern Ozark Mountains, look no further than Missouri’s Lazy 8. This route features plenty of camping, hiking, and sightseeing opportunities.

28 November, 2022
Looking for a great gift for the motorcycle rider in your life? Check out our holiday gift guide for 13 thoughtful—and useful—gift ideas.

22 November, 2022
Ready to ride the Big Valley? Pennsylvania Route 655 takes you along 83 miles of scenic woodland and past historic Amish communities. Start planning your trip today with our rider’s guide.

8 November, 2022
When you find a motorcycle route the locals call “the Wing of the Dragon,” you know you’re in for a great ride. Our rider’s guide to this Missouri route includes safety tips, must-see stops, and more.

3 November, 2022
Pennsylvania is home to a hidden gem of a motorcycle route. PA Route 44 offers miles of woodland riding and some of the state’s best stargazing along Highway to the Stars. Start planning your ride.

18 October, 2022
Pennsylvania Route 6 crosses the entire state, taking you through lush valleys and through historic towns. With route guidance, safety tips, and more, our guide will help you plan your ride.

6 October, 2022
The Angeles Crest Highway winds through scenic Southern California, offering motorcycle riders mountain views, hiking trails, and thrilling curves and elevation gains. We’ll help you plan your ride.

7 September, 2022
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