Riding Facts and Tips

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation provides riders with tips which can help keep your riding experience safe and fun. Some safety tips include:

  • To be a safe rider, get to know your motorcycle and its owner’s manual well
  • Always use both brakes at the same time to slow down
  • When turning:
  • Slow down before you enter the turn; look as far ahead as possible through the turn
  • Keep your feet on the pegs, and grip the gas tank with your knees
  • Lean with the motorcycle; don’t try to sit perpendicular to the road while the motorcycle is leaning over
  • Keep an even throttle through the turn, or even accelerate a little bit.
  • Use the SEE system
  • Search around you for potential hazards
  • Evaluate any possible hazards, such as turning cars, railroad tracks, etc.
  • Execute the proper action to avoid the hazard
  • Position your motorcycle where it can be seen. Don’t put yourself behind a large truck or ride in the blind spot of a vehicle near you. Get out there, take up a whole lane, make yourself seen.
  • Out on the open road, with higher speeds, you should adjust your gap to three or four seconds or more, depending on your speed
  • At intersections always check for traffic coming from the left and right and behind you

For complete motorcycle riding tips, visit www.msf-usa.org for more information.

Information sourced from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® with permission