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Illustration of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in NevadaIllustration of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada

Nevada is full of scenic roads, natural attractions, and exciting cities you can explore by motorcycle. Make sure you have motorcycle insurance coverage and understand the rules of the road before you set off to explore this expansive state.

What’s required of all motorcycle riders in Nevada?

  • Helmets: You and your passengers are required to wear helmets that meet standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Be sure your helmet:

    • Weighs at least three pounds (48 ounces)

    • Features a visible manufacturer’s label

    • Has a securely installed chin strap

    • Includes a protective inner lining

  • Protective devices: If your bike doesn’t have a windshield or windscreen, you’re required to wear goggles or a helmet with a protective shield.

  • Lane splitting: Lane splitting is illegal in Nevada.

  • Passengers: You’re allowed to carry no more than one passenger. To legally carry a passenger, your bike must have a permanent passenger seat and adjustable footrests.

  • Mandatory equipment: Your bike must be equipped with:

    • At least one headlight, but no more than two

    • Front and rear brakes

    • A rear-view mirror on each handlebar

    • A brake light visible up to 300 feet in daylight

    • A red taillight visible up to 500 feet

    • Front and rear turn signals (for all motorcycles produced after January 1, 1973)

    • At least one reflector visible from 300 feet under low beams

    • Fenders on front and rear wheels

    • A muffler

    • A horn

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What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in Nevada?

To legally operate a motorcycle in Nevada, you’re required to carry liability insurance. Each state establishes its own minimum motorcycle insurance coverage requirements—here are Nevada’s:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability for one person 

  • $50,000 for bodily injury liability for more than one person 

  • $20,000 for property damage liability per accident

Keep in mind, if you’re involved in an accident, your expenses may exceed these minimum required limits, which could leave you stuck paying the difference out of pocket. For additional protection, you can purchase higher coverage limits when you set up your policy.

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Are optional motorcycle insurance coverages available in Nevada?

Yes—several, in fact. Beyond the required liability coverages described above, we offer a number of optional coverages in Nevada, including:

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage helps cover damages to your bike caused by something other than a collision—such as theft, fire, and natural disasters.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage can help pay for repairs if your bike is damaged in a collision with another motorcycle, a passenger vehicle, or even a stationary object.

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist bodily damage

Let’s say you’re involved in an accident with an at-fault motorist who’s uninsured—or is insured, but their coverage isn't enough to fully pay for your resulting medical costs. This coverage offers injury protection and helps reduce the amount you may need to pay out of pocket.

Roadside assistance

If you experience a mechanical or electrical breakdown mid-ride, roadside assistance coverage can help get you the necessary support—including 24-hour towing services—and get you to a mechanic if necessary.

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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

Insurance quotes are quick and free. You’ll just need to:

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Have your bike’s year, make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN) on hand.

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Answer some additional questions about your bike (e.g. customizations, where it’s kept, whether you’ve taken a rider safety course, etc.).

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Select the coverages you want.

Nevada motorcycle insurance discounts

We offer a wide range of motorcycle insurance discounts to help make your Nevada motorcycle insurance even more affordable. Here are several of the discounts available in your state:

  • Multi-vehicle discount

  • Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) member

  • Operator safety course

  • Loyalty

  • Homeowner

  • Paid-in-full

  • Advance quote

  • Transfer

  • Rider group

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Does your policy still work for you?

Reviewing your motorcycle insurance can help save you time and money.

Sites to see in Nevada

As one of the country’s largest states, Nevada has plenty of terrain to explore—from alpine forests to rugged deserts. But if you’re looking for a little less solitude, you can always head down to the Entertainment Capitol of the World. Here are three stops to add to your Nevada itinerary:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas makes for an action-packed getaway. The destination road known as the Las Vegas Strip features dozens of casinos and resorts that offer world-class restaurants, gambling, and nightly star-studded shows. If you want a quieter out-of-the-city experience, a short ride brings you to nearby hiking trails and Death Valley National Park.

Lake Tahoe

The largest alpine lake in America, Lake Tahoe offers year-round recreation options, including mountain biking, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, and skiing. Sand Harbor State Park features 55 acres of sandy beaches, rocky coves, and forests. If you love swimming, check out the park’s amazing rock formations and crystal-clear waters.

Spencer Hot Springs

Located in the Big Smoky Valley in central Nevada, Spencer Hot Springs is a relaxing alternative to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. There are several bathing holes, most of which are made from cattle troughs and have movable pipes that allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking. You can soak, relax, and retire to your camp or tent for the night.

Want to explore Nevada off the beaten path? We have coverage options for your:

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