Scooter and moped insurance discounts

Save on your scooter and moped insurance policy

Illustration of two people riding on a scooterIllustration of two people riding on a scooter

Whether you ride for fun, to run errands, or to save gas on your commute, we have scooter and moped insurance discounts that can help you save money on your policy.

From garaging your two-wheeler to paying your insurance bills on time, our discounts* are designed to help you pay less while still providing you with excellent scooter and moped insurance coverage and service. Get your quote for cheap scooter/moped insurance today and let’s see how much we can save you.

*Policies, coverages, benefits, and discounts aren’t available in all states. See policy for complete coverage details.

Scooter and moped insurance discount options

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Advanced quote

An advanced quote discount applies to customers who request a quote prior to the end of their current policy term.

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Home ownership

Do you own your home, townhouse, condo, mobile home, or modular home? If so, you likely qualify for a homeownership discount.

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Paid in full

Pay your premium in full up front, and your total premium cost will be less than if you make scheduled payments.

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What’s in your garage? Your scooter or moped? Nice. A garaging discount rewards you if you garage your two-wheeler.

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If you own more than one scooter or moped, you can save money with a multi-vehicle insurance if you insure your fleet with us.

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Switch your scooter and moped insurance to us and we’ll thank you with a transfer insurance discount.

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