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2 de octubre de 2020

If you recently purchased a moped or scooter, then you may have questions about insuring it. We answer frequently asked questions to help break down what you need to know about insuring your new moped or scooter.

What's the difference between a moped and a scooter?

A moped is categorized as a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine that is 99 cubic centimeters (cc) or smaller. A scooter has a larger engine, typically ranging between 100cc to 250cc, and a more powerful motor.

If I have insurance for a motorcycle, moped, or scooter I already own, can I add an additional bike?

Yes! If you already have motorcycle insurance for your main ride, there's good news: It's easy and more cost effective to add a scooter or moped to a motorcycle insurance policy than it is to get a policy just for a scooter or moped. Better yet, if you already insure through Dairyland, you may be eligible to save additional money with our multi-cycle insurance discount.

Am I required to insure my moped or scooter?

Most states require you to carry some type of insurance if your new ride can reach a certain top speed or has an engine of at least 50cc.

If you live in a state where insurance is required—and even if you don't—we recommend that you carry comprehensive, collision, and bodily injury liability insurance to help you cover the cost of all your damage expenses, injured persons, or if your new ride is damaged from tipping over.

What kind of insurance do I need for a moped or scooter?

Motorcycle insurance covers a lot more than simply motorcycles—it can cover your moped or scooter, too! That means you can receive coverage beyond the basic liability-only coverage.

You may be eligible for many different coverages, including:

  • Bodily injury liability

  • Collision

  • Comprehensive

  • Guest passenger

  • Medical expense

  • Optional/special equipment

  • Personal injury protection

  • Physical Damage Plus

  • Property damage liability

  • Replacement cost

Find out about more coverage options available to you by contacting a Dairyland agent.

Are there different insurance requirements for a moped versus a scooter?

Depending on the state you live in, there may be different requirements for the two vehicles. A scooter can typically travel at faster speeds than a moped, so states may have different requirements or more regulations to account for those higher speeds.

Scooters may also have bigger engines and can typically travel on highways if they reach a sufficient speed, while mopeds have smaller engines and aren't permitted to drive on highways. Talk to your agent or check your state's guidelines to discover your specific moped or scooter insurance requirements.

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