Ride Pennsylvania Route 44: Highway to the Stars

Beautiful starry night sky
October 18, 2022

Riding Pennsylvania Route 44 (PA 44) between Coudersport and Jersey Shore, you’ll find more than 70 miles of almost uninterrupted two-lane state highway featuring twists, turns and elevation changes—paradise for a motorcycle lover like you.

A section of PA Route 44 is designated as the Highway to the Stars. Thanks to its near-total lack of development, this area experiences minimal light pollution, which creates very dark night skies perfect for stargazing.

Let’s start planning your ride.

Navigating the Highway to the Stars

We start in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, where U.S. Highway 6 East and PA Route 44 South run concurrently. After about four miles, you'll enter the community of Sweden Valley. PA Route 44 turns off to the right, marking the official beginning of the Highway to the Stars.

The Highway to the Stars continues south for approximately 31 miles and ends at the Lycoming county line, but you can keep riding beautiful Route 44 all the way to Jersey Shore.

Note: Since this route travels through an area without much commercial development, you'll want to start with a full gas tank and a good meal—and pack a picnic lunch as well.

Route 44 and Highway to the Stars map

Our interactive Route 44 map shows the path you’ll take from Coudersport and Jersey Shore, including the section designated as the Highway to the Stars. The proposed route is pretty straightforward, so use it as a starting point and make your own adventure.

When is the best time to visit Highway to the Stars?

To experience the best combination of motorcycle riding and stargazing, consider riding the Highway to the Stars in autumn. The season’s lower humidity produces clearer skies—and who doesn’t love taking in some fall foliage along their ride? Peak leaf color varies year-to-year, but in this area of Pennsylvania, expect to see the most vibrant colors in late September through early October.

Weather along PA Route 44

The weather in northern Pennsylvania can change in a hurry. Review the forecast before you ride, pack the appropriate gear, and be sure your bike is ready for the conditions. To help you decide what time of year you want to ride the Highway to the Stars, here are the monthly averages in nearby Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Chart with climate data for Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle safety tips

For most of this section of PA Route 44, it's a narrow, two-lane road without shoulders. While the surrounding forest is beautiful and welcoming, it can also limit your visibility. Stay constantly aware and practice safe riding habits. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Expect some tourist traffic, including RVs and vehicles towing trailers.

  • Wildlife often cross the road—keep in mind, you're riding through the Susquehannock State Forest.

  • Because Route 44 passes through mostly undeveloped areas, your headlight will be your only source of light at night. Reduce your speed to account for your limited sight distance.

  • Surface hazards—including puddles, leaves, and fallen tree limbs—are always possible. Watch your speed on corners so you have time to react if something's in the road ahead.

Stops to make along Highway to the Stars

Because this route is pretty remote, we're only highlighting one specific stop along the way. But if the idea of Highway to the Stars jumpstarts your imagination, you can build a whole adventure exploring Pennsylvania focused on stargazing opportunities.

Cherry Springs State Park

The 82-acre Cherry Springs State Park is the focal point of Highway to the Stars. Along with hiking trails and rustic camping areas, the park features a public night sky viewing area and an overnight astronomy observation field.

Other top Pennsylvania stargazing locations

Here are several other great places to stargaze in Pennsylvania in addition to Highway to the Stars:

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