What is SR22 insurance and how does it work?

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An SR22 is a form filed with your state that proves you carry car insurance. Some people refer to it as “SR-22 car insurance” but technically, it’s a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR). No matter what you call it, SR-22 insurance simply confirms you meet your state’s car insurance coverage requirements for driving during a required period.

How does an SR-22 work?

If you receive a driving violation like a DUI or driving without insurance, your state may require you to get an SR-22. Once you’re issued an SR22 from an insurance provider that offers them, it’s filed with your state to prove you carry your state’s minimum required car insurance.

We can help by issuing your SR-22 right away and letting the state know you’re covered—with no filing fee—and often within the same day of purchase.

Who needs an SR-22?

Not all drivers need to file for an SR-22. Each state has its own specific requirements, but as a rule of thumb, high-risk drivers with one or more of the following violations on their recent driving record will likely need an SR-22:

If you meet this criteria and a court or the state determines you need to file for an SR-22, you’ll be notified and receive clear direction—either in-person during your hearing, or via a letter mailed to your home from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How do you get SR-22 insurance?

The process for getting an SR-22 varies by state. In general, simply indicate you need to file an SR-22 when you purchase your auto insurance policy—we can take it from there. You need to provide your driver’s license number or other identification number for us to file with your state.

How long does it take to get an SR-22?

We can issue you one immediately. In most states, we can also send your SR-22 to the state electronically the same day—and with no filing fee. Need to file one now? Get a quote for cheap SR-22 insurance with Dairyland®.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost?

At Dairyland, most often we file your SR-22 for free as part of your policy. Some companies and agencies might charge you additional fees or surcharges.

Can you buy an SR-22 policy online?

Dairyland offers policies with an SR-22 you can purchase online. We also offer many other coverage options you can add to your policy, depending on your situation and budget.

Which states require SR-22s?

Each state has its own SR-22 coverage requirements for drivers, and all are subject to change. Get in touch with your insurance provider to find out your state’s current requirements and make sure you have adequate coverage.

How long do you need an SR-22?

Most states require drivers to have an SR-22—to prove they have insurance—for about three years. This may vary by state or by circumstances, so be sure to read up on your state’s insurance requirements and ask your insurance carrier for specifics.

What’s the difference between SR-22 and FR-44?

In Florida and Virginia, based on your driving record, you may be required to obtain an FR-44 instead of an SR-22.

Like an SR-22, an FR-44 is a document proving that you carry car insurance. However, an FR-44 may require your liability coverage limits to be significantly higher than the state minimum.

While the duration might vary, an FR-44 is also usually required for three years. By law, you can’t cancel your FR-44 policy while it is required.

What happens if an SR-22 policy is canceled?

If your coverage lapses, your insurance company is required to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This could result in the loss of your driver’s license or other consequences, depending on your state of residence.

Making payments on time will help keep your policy from being canceled and prevent your insurance provider from sending an SR-26 to the state. An SR-26 cancels the SR-22 with the state. If you no longer need an SR-22, an SR-26 form is also filed to remove the SR-22.

The Dairyland mobile app can help you set up bill alert reminders and keep your payment information up to date, helping ensure your coverage doesn’t lapse.

Get an SR-22 insurance quote

If you have questions about SR-22 coverage, we can help. Give us a call at 888-344-4357 or contact us.

SR-22 insurance FAQs

How do I make sure the right people know I have SR-22 insurance and I’m legal to drive?

Once you purchase a policy from an insurance company that offers SR-22s, they’ll file it with the state. With Dairyland, this is often done electronically and on the same day as your purchase.

Can I get an SR-22 from any car insurance company?

Not all auto insurance companies offer SR-22s. If you work through an agent, they’ll provide options for you. If you’re looking on your own, do your research and contact insurance companies directly to find out their coverage options. Dairyland offers SR-22s, usually for free as part of your insurance policy.

Why do I need an SR-22?

If you have a clean driving record, you likely won’t. Reasons for needing an SR-22 vary by state. However, the most common reasons for an SR-22 are reckless driving, being convicted of a DUI, driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance coverage, or being at fault for an accident. You might also need an SR-22 if you have a bunch of small incidents pile up over time.

Will an SR-22 raise my insurance premiums?

With many companies, yes—but not Dairyland. Generally, just having an SR-22 filing on your policy will not impact your car insurance premium at Dairyland. Have more questions about SR22 costs? Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are waiting to provide you with help at 888-344-4357.

Is an SR-22 considered car insurance?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that shows you meet your state’s car insurance minimum requirements for driving and is not considered car insurance itself. We, as your policy provider, let the state know that we cover you for certain car-insurance-related circumstances.

Are there different kinds of SR-22s?

There are three types of SR-22s:

  • Operator: An operator’s certificate is designed for drivers who borrow or rent a car, but don’t own a car. This is sometimes used with a non-owner car insurance policy.

  • Owner: An owner’s form is for people who own and drive their own car.

  • Operator/Owner: An operator/owner form is a combination form that applies to individuals who own their own car, but also borrow or rent one to drive occasionally.

Can I get an SR-22 if I don’t own a car?

Yes. You can get SR-22 insurance if you don’t own a vehicle with our non-owner insurance policy. Non-owner car insurance protects you in the event you’re found to be at fault in an accident while driving a vehicle you don’t own. It’s a secondary coverage that pays for damages above and beyond what might be covered through the car’s primary insurance.

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