Windshield and window glass repair

Cracked windshieldCracked windshield

What types of glass damage are covered?

Whether it's a chipped or cracked windshield or a shattered window, we've got you covered—as long as you've got collision and comprehensive coverages on your car insurance policy.

We recommend getting your windshield or window fixed or replaced at the first sign of trouble. Not only can a crack impair your vision, it can also make your windshield weaker and more likely to fail.

What is the deductible for auto glass claims?

The deductible for glass claims is flexible and depends on your policy. It may be waived based on state-specific requirements or the choice between repair and replacement.

Taking picture of cracked windshield

How do I report an auto glass claim?

If you need to report an auto glass claim, give us a call at 800-334-0090 to speak with one of our knowledgeable claims representatives.

Before you submit your claim, make sure you have:

  • Your car insurance policy number

  • Your vehicle’s year, make, model, and style

  • The date when you noticed the issue

We can transfer you to an auto glass service that will schedule and coordinate your glass repair or replacement at a shop or location that works for you.

Will my premium increase after filing a glass claim?

In most cases, filing an auto glass claim doesn’t contribute to a premium increase. In some cases, claim frequency may be a factor in determining your eligibility for continuing coverage.

Is there a limit to the number of glass claims I can file?

No, there isn’t a cap on the number of glass claims you can file, as long as the damage was accidental and occurs while your coverage is active. We know situations like this are often unavoidable, and we’re here to assist you whenever glass damage occurs.

Is a rental car provided while my car is undergoing glass repairs?

Glass repairs can generally be completed quickly—in fact, glass companies will often come to where your vehicle is located to complete the repairs.

However, if the damage is severe enough that your vehicle needs to be brought to a repair shop, and you have separate auto rental reimbursement coverage on your policy, you may be eligible for a covered rental car—up to your coverage limits. Your claim representative will be able to see if you have this coverage.