Trip interruption motorcycle coverage

Two young women camping with motorcyclesTwo young women camping with motorcycles

You’ve been dreaming about this ride for a long time. The bike is ready to roll. The gear is packed down. The weather couldn’t be better. Time to hit the the open road. And because you have trip interruption motorcycle coverage, the following scenario is a little less stressful.

On the second day of the journey, someone in another vehicle doesn’t see you and pulls out in front of you at an intersection, causing an accident. Now, not only does your bike have damage, but you’re stuck. Many miles from home. Many miles from your destination. What happens now?

Rest easier with our trip interruption motorcycle insurance

If something happens to your bike more than 100 miles from home, trip interruption coverage on your insurance policy can help pay for the eligible expenses surrounding an accident, including the cost for:

  • Food

  • Lodging

  • Lost deposits

  • Transportation

In other words, you’re not left alone on the side of the road if there’s an accident and your bike breaks.

Want more information on trip interruption coverage? Give us a call at 866-324-7952. We have other motorcycle insurance coverages like bodily injury liability coverage, comprehensive insurance, and collision coverage that might fit you, too.

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