How to help make sure you’re seen on your motorcycle

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September 1, 2020

As a motorcyclist, you face different vulnerabilities on the road than others do. Here are some tips to help ensure you and your bike are seen by other drivers:

Keep safe distances between yourself and other drivers

As you know, motorcycles are typically smaller than other vehicles and can more easily get lost in drivers' blind spots. When passing a vehicle, always keep a safe distance until you have room to safely maneuver through their blind spot.

When you're riding behind a car, leave plenty of room in front of your motorcycle—a good rule of thumb is to leave the length of two cars. The extra space gives you more time to react if the car in front of you stops abruptly.

Wear brightly colored safety gear and reflective tape

Another way to help make sure you're seen is to brighten up your safety gear. Try a yellow helmet or brightly colored jacket to stand out from your surroundings when you ride. If that's not your style, another option is to add reflective tape to your motorcycle and/or safety gear.

Keep your lights clean and operational

Keeping your headlight, taillight, and brake lights in good working condition helps drivers see you at night. If you notice your headlight's dirty, be sure to wipe it down to increase your visibility. We also recommend keeping a spare headlight on your bike in case yours burns out.

Indicate your actions

Communicating to other drivers using turn or hand signals is imperative to your safety while riding. It's also important to indicate stops ahead of braking. To do this, tap on your brake a few times before you come to a complete stop.

Take a motorcycle safety course

There are many courses available to help make you a more informed and safe motorcyclist. Additionally, taking safety courses can often help you save on your insurance policy. So, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, continuing education provides definite advantages.

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