A day in the life of a distraction-free driver

Young, excited driver
Young, excited driver
Author Jason Lam
Associate Director of Data Analytics – Dairyland
June 17, 2024

Ever wonder how experienced drivers stay focused on the road and avoid distractions? The following hypothetical scenario shows how simple it can be. Buckle up and join us on a ride-along with Sarah, a safety-conscious driver, as she navigates her daily commute.

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Preparing to drive

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air as Sarah prepares for her day. But before she hops in her car, she takes a few key steps to ensure a distraction-free drive.

  • With a quick glance at her phone, she checks her traffic app and pre-programs her GPS route.

  • Silencing notifications and tucking her phone away in her bag, she minimizes in-car temptations.

Prepared and focused, Sarah sets off on her commute.

Avoid multitasking behind the wheel

As Sarah merges onto the highway, the California sun warms the car. A slight adjustment is needed—she wants to turn up the air conditioning a notch. But here's the thing: Sarah avoids the temptation to fiddle with the controls while glancing away from the road.

Instead, she keeps her eyes focused ahead, using muscle memory and quick, controlled movements to adjust the temperature dial. Remember, safe driving isn't about superhuman multitasking—it's about prioritizing focus and minimizing distractions.

Situational awareness

Cruising along, Sarah notices a school zone up ahead. She smoothly reduces her speed, anticipating the presence of children and pedestrians. Further down the road, she observes a slow-moving truck merging into her lane. Maintaining a safe distance, she adjusts her position slightly to create a comfortable buffer zone. Every action Sarah takes reflects her keen awareness of her surroundings—a vital skill for any driver.

No cell phones while driving

Suddenly, a familiar ringtone pierces the quiet in the car. It's her phone—an important call she's been expecting. Sarah's eyes stay glued to the road. Instead of reaching for her phone, she calmly waits for a break in traffic and pulls over into a parking lot. Once parked, she can address the call without compromising her focus or putting herself or others at risk.

Staying focused on the road

As Sarah reaches her destination, she takes a moment to reflect. The drive may seem mundane, but it's a constant reminder of the importance of focus behind the wheel. Experience certainly plays a role, but it's her commitment to staying alert, anticipating hazards, and minimizing distractions that truly makes Sarah a distraction-free driver.

We can help you minimize distractions

Visit the Dairyland® Resource Center for more safe driving information and tips on preventing distracted driving. Learn how to develop focused driving habits to help ensure a smooth, safe trip every time you get behind the wheel.

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