Ride the Rattlesnake Highway: Kentucky Route 192

Foggy Morning on The Rockcastle River, KY, where the Kentucky's Rattlesnake Highway is.
Foggy Morning on The Rockcastle River, KY, where the Kentucky's Rattlesnake Highway is.
Author Michael Milbourn
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February 15, 2024

Kentucky Route 192 (KY192) runs 40.5 miles through the heart of Kentucky, connecting London, KY, in Laurel County and Somerset, KY, in Pulaski County. But the real sweet spot for motorcycle riders is The Rattlesnake Highway. This officially designated section of KY192 twists through the foothills, earning its serpentine nickname with 150 turns in 12 short miles.

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Kentucky Route 192 map

Kentucky state outline.

Our KY192 Rattlesnake Highway map pinpoints the entries and exits of the route and suggested points of interest along the road.

Weather along the Rattlesnake Highway

For most of the year, southern Kentucky maintains a comfortable temperature for riding, but the area is known for large rainstorms, especially in the spring and early summer. To get a sense of what to expect on your visit to the area, review the monthly average temps for London, KY.

Climate data chart for Laurel County, Kentucky

Rattlesnake Highway motorcycle safety tips

As is the case with any mountain road—and any popular motorcycle route—there are safety concerns to keep in mind.

  • Expect to share the road with sports car enthusiasts and other motorcycle riders who have come to ride the Rattlesnake.

  • The Rattlesnake Highway passes through a national forest, so be prepared to slow down for RVs and vehicles towing trailers.

  • The changing foliage draws a lot of visitors to the area in the fall, so be aware of distracted drivers.

  • The Daniel Boone National Forest is home to a variety of small mammals along with deer, elk, and black bears. Watch for wildlife as you round corners and crest hills.

  • In residential and farmland areas, watch for oversized farm vehicles, crossing traffic, and domestic animals on the road.

Stops to make as you ride the Rattlesnake

The Rattlesnake winds through the remote woods of the Daniel Boone National Forest, allowing for an immersive ride where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Make the most of your trip with must-see stops and landmarks along the route.

Wildcat Harley-Davidson

Wildcat Harley-Davidson is proud to offer one of the largest Harley show rooms in the state of Kentucky. This beautiful dealership welcomes riders with consistent hospitality and hosts many public events throughout the year. They were even one of the two starting points for the Rattlesnake Highway inaugural ride in 2016. If you’re following our route from east to west, Wildcat Harley-Davidson makes a great starting place for your ride on the Rattlesnake.

Bee Rock Campground

Bee Rock Campground offers primitive camping sites on both sides of the Rockcastle River. Situated in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest, it’s an excellent place to set up base camp and explore the area—both on the Rattlesnake Highway and other nearby routes. Spend your day listening to the rumble of your motor and your nights slumbering to the sound of the babbling river.

Souvenir Shack

The Souvenir Shack at “Brake on the Snake” is a great place to take a break after riding down the back of the Rattlesnake Highway. Many riders, both locals and travelers, stop here to get a cold beverage, buy a souvenir, and spend a little time rocking on the front porch with people who know the area the best.

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