A rider’s guide to the Twisted Sisters of Texas

View of a road in Texas hill country
View of a road in Texas hill country
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April 2, 2024
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The Twisted Sisters is a legendary route known for its rugged terrain and thrilling curves. These characteristics make the Twisted Sisters a challenging yet exhilarating ride for the adventure-seeking motorcyclist.

Where are the Twisted Sisters?

The Twisted Sisters, also known as the Three Sisters, are three roads in Texas hill country—TX 335, TX 336 and TX 337—northwest of San Antonio. Riders traditionally start this looping route in Medina, Texas, and head west.

How long is the Twisted Sisters route?

The box-shaped section of the Twisted Sisters west and north of the town of Leakey is commonly referred to as the 100-mile loop. But if you start and end your trip in Medina, you'll ride approximately 170 miles. Gas stations can be few and far between on this route, so it's best to fill up your gas tank before you start your trip.

How long does it take to ride the Twisted Sisters?

Allow at least four hours to ride the Twisted Sisters if you choose Medina as your starting and ending point. If you're able to give yourself some extra time, we recommend it—that'll allow you to stop, explore, and enjoy some good hill-country cooking along the way.

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Twisted Sisters route

To help you begin planning your trip, we created this Twisted Sisters route map. We’ve included several points of interest, including the attractions in our Stops to make section below. Of course, there’s so much more to see along this historic route, so use this map as a starting point and make the ride your own!

Hill country terrain

This area of Texas is referred to as hill country, and for good reason. You'll ride through open canyons and climb ridgelines that suddenly drop back down into canyons. Roads straighten out for a stretch before bowing up into tight turns. Some sections climb jagged hills with tightly twisted curves, and many vistas overlook sheer drop-offs.

This rugged terrain makes the route a rider's dream, as long as you keep your eyes on the road and watch your cornering speed.

Four-season riding in Texas hill country

If your home climate makes winter riding cold and frequently treacherous, consider making the Twisted Sisters your next midwinter getaway. This region is far enough south to allow true four-season motorcycle riding—though keep in mind the summer humidity can be very uncomfortable, especially if the wind is coming off the gulf.

Here’s what to expect for monthly temperatures in San Antonio, the nearest major city: 

Climate data for Texas Hill Country—San Antonio area, Texas

Riding the Twisted Sisters route safely

Every road presents its own unique set of hazards. Here are some safety tips to note as you ride the Twisted Sisters:

Animal hazards

You'll ride though whitetail deer country and unfenced ranch lands. Deer can pop up almost anywhere, so stay focused on the road—and roadsides—ahead. Cattle aren't quite as nimble as deer, but rounding a corner to find a herd of cattle in your path can be a major obstacle. It's important to:

  • Stay alert

  • Watch your speed

  • Expect the unexpected

Additionally, you're riding on the same roads ranchers travel using slow-moving farm equipment, so be courteous and patient.

Corners and curves

Know your skill level and ride within your comfort zone. Reduce your speed before entering corners and always scan ahead before accelerating. These are exciting roads—one 15-mile stretch alone contains nearly 65 curves—but they can be dangerous if you're not careful.


The Twisted Sisters' beautiful vistas can pull your attention away from the road. Even at a moderate pace, looking at the scenery could cause you to not see an upcoming surface hazard. Take time to stop, enjoy the views, and take some pictures so you can focus on the road while you're riding.


Remember, the Twisted Sisters is internationally known as a riding destination. You'll probably share the road with plenty of vehicles and other bikers, and don't be surprised if you see tourists stopping unexpectedly in the middle of the road to photograph wildlife or the sunset.

Stops to make along the Twisted Sisters route

The Apple Store Bakery & Café

The owners of the Apple Store Bakery & Cafe founded Love Creek Orchards in 1981. The orchard was successful, producing delicious apples and helping launch the apple orchard industry in Texas. The Apple Store is located near a common starting point on the Twisted Sisters route, so enjoy a meal or grab some goodies for later along your ride.

Location: 14024 State Highway 16 North, Medina, TX 78055

Lone Star Motorcycle Museum

Along your ride west on TX 337, make a quick jog north along RM 187 to visit the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. This fascinating museum was founded, and is still managed, by Allan and Debbie Johncock, and showcases Allan’s expansive collection of motorcycles. Stop in and check out the dozens of motorcycles and meet Allan and Debbie.

Location: 36517 RM 187, Vanderpool, TX 78885

Lost Maples State Park

Continuing a little further north on RM 187 from the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum brings you to Lost Maples State Park. If you enjoy motorcycle camping, this park can serve as a wonderful camping location as you ride the Twisted Sisters for a few days. Sites go quickly, so advance reservations are recommended.

Location: 37221 FM 187, Vanderpool, TX 78885

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