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You find the car insurance you’re looking for—it’s cheap and it gives you the coverage you want. But then you have an accident and just like that, you discover you got what you paid for with poor service, minimal auto insurance discounts, and inattentive claims support.

We can help you avoid this unfortunate scenario. How? With our cheap auto insurance, quality service, and a wide range of discounts. Read on to learn about our discounts and see how many you could quality for.

Car insurance discounts to save you money

While we want you to have all the discounts you deserve, understand your driving history, habits, and vehicle safety features will be considered. Discounts also vary from state to state.

Rest assured, we’ll do all we can to help you find the cheap car insurance you’re looking for.

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Multi-car discount

A full garage and a full wallet—what could be better? If there are multiple vehicles in your household, ask about our multi-car insurance discount.

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Advanced quote discount

It pays to plan ahead—especially when it comes to your insurance. Get a quote at least a week in advance from the day you need your insurance coverage, and you could save yourself some money with an advanced quote discount.

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Homeowners discount

Own a home? Have it insured? If so, it means some money back in your pocket. Our homeowners insurance discount can be applied right away. And if you rent? Ask. Some states also offer insurance discounts for those who have renters insurance.

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Anti-theft insurance discount

No one wants their car stolen. And if you’ve secured yours with an anti-theft device, you could secure another discount from us.

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Transfer discount

If you’ve had car insurance with another carrier for six months or more and start a new policy with us, you’ll get a discount. And, depending on the state, even if you’ve had a small lapse in insurance coverage, we may still give you a discount. All you need is a copy of your most recent declarations page and you may be eligible for a transfer discount.

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Payment frequency discount

Make your payments quarterly, every six months, or just once a year and you may save some money with our payment frequency insurance discount.

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Defensive driver course discount

Have you learned to be a better driver on the road? Those defensive driver courses you took could mean another insurance discount. Just provide the proof you passed.

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