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Auto coverage options


Accidents happen. And when they do, you’ll want to be able to pay for the damage you may have caused. That’s what liability insurance is for. If you’re at fault, this covers the other person’s injuries and their damaged property, leaving you with peace of mind.


Uninsured motorists (UM)

Imagine driving along and you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. Uninsured motorists coverage pays to treat your injuries if the other driver is at fault, or if it’s a hit-and-run. Property damage is also covered in some states where uninsured motorist property damage coverage is available.

Underinsured motorists (UIM)

So, what happens if you’re in a crash that’s not your fault, and the other person’s insurance isn’t enough to cover the cost of your injuries? If it’s available in your state, underinsured motorists will help pay for your recovery. And in some states, it can also pay for property damage.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

This pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for injuries to the driver and any passenger in your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault in the accident. In addition, there may be coverage available for lost wages, lost services and funeral expenses. Not allowed in all states.

Medical payments

Medical bills can add up after an accident. This coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for the driver and passengers in your vehicle. It also covers funeral expenses. This coverage applies no matter who’s at fault.

Physical damage

Collision:  Pays for the damage to your vehicle after it hits another vehicle—no matter who’s at fault. 

Comprehensive:  May pay for the damage from things like fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and falling objects. Check out our blog article to learn more.

Towing and labor

Need a lift? With towing and labor coverage, you’ll be able to have someone pick up your vehicle and take it to your service center for repairs.

Rental reimbursement

The good news is your car is being repaired. The bad? You have no way to get to work. Rental reimbursement coverage gives you money towards a rental to keep your life moving.


If you’re buying or leasing a vehicle, the lender may require you to carry specific coverages. Insurance options available in your state—like car loan protection or lienholder deductible—may offer additional coverage. These options can help if your car is totaled before it’s paid off, or if you need a lower deductible and still want to save money.

Special equipment

You may have added a few special touches to your car, but what happens if they get wrecked in a crash? This coverage helps pay for the customizations you’ve made. Just understand, certain restrictions may apply.

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