24-hour emergency motorcycle roadside assistance

Illustration of a truck with a motorcycle in the flatbedIllustration of a truck with a motorcycle in the flatbed

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Need roadside assistance service now?

Call the toll-free number on your Dairyland® customer ID card to request service.

What is motorcycle roadside assistance?

Our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance for motorcycles is your safety net when you find yourself stranded due to unforeseen events such as battery failure, a flat tire, or a mechanical breakdown. We understand the unique challenges riders like you face, and this motorcycle coverage is designed to get you back on the road swiftly.

How does the motorcycle roadside assistance process work?

Getting assistance for your motorcycle is as simple as making a call to the toll-free roadside assistance number on your Dairyland Insurance ID card. Our dedicated roadside assistance provider will swiftly coordinate with qualified service providers to dispatch assistance.

Is roadside assistance a standalone coverage or add-on?

Roadside assistance is an optional, add-on coverage you can include on your motorcycle insurance policy. Whether you carry a range of motorcycle insurance coverages or you currently only carry the coverages required by your state, you have the flexibility to enhance your protection with this valuable service.

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Stay protected out on the road

What types of emergencies are covered?

Our roadside assistance applies to a range of emergencies and breakdowns, with services like:

Tow truck
Towing assistance
Car battery
Battery service
Deflated tire
Flat tire assistance
Oil change can
Fluid delivery service
Unlocked padlock
Lock-out assistance

Keep in mind that your roadside assistance coverage only applies to the motorcycle—or motorcycles—listed on your policy. The coverage follows the bike, not the operator. This means if you're riding a friend's bike and you have a breakdown—and the bike isn't listed on your policy—your roadside assistance coverage doesn't apply.

When does my roadside assistance coverage begin?

There's no waiting period if you purchase roadside assistance coverage as you set up your Dairyland motorcycle insurance policy. However, if you decide to add it after the policy commencement, there’s a one-day waiting period before coverage begins.

Where can I use roadside assistance?

Our emergency roadside assistance is your companion across the United States. No matter where your journey takes you, rest assured that help is just a call away—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.