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Steps to take if you’re in a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident is a stressful experience. Try to keep your cool—you don’t want to make the situation any worse.

Here are six things to do if you’re in a motorcycle accident:

  • Stop—don’t leave the accident scene
  • Move yourself and your bike to a safe area, out of traffic if possible
  • Get help for anyone injured 
  • Call the police 
  • Collect the following information:
    • Name, phone number, insurance company, and policy number of the other driver(s)/operator(s)
    • Photos of your bike and the other vehicles/bikes involved
  • Don’t admit fault

Collect all the information you can after the accident. Then, if you’re a Dairyland® customer, call 800-334-0090 to report your motorcycle claim.

From there, let us handle it. We’ll work to get you and your bike back on the road again as quickly as possible.