Motorcycle rental reimbursement coverage

Tow truck carrying motorcycle away from riderTow truck carrying motorcycle away from rider

What is motorcycle rental reimbursement coverage?

If you have rental reimbursement coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy, it can help pay for a rental motorcycle (or other vehicle) if the bike on your policy is damaged or totaled in a covered accident.

In fact, not only can we help pay for your rental, we can help coordinate getting your rental vehicle to you quickly.

Is rental reimbursement coverage included with all policies?

No—motorcycle rental reimbursement is an optional coverage you can add to your policy. If you have questions about adding it to your policy, talk to your Dairyland® agent or give us a call at 866-409-0071.

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How do I file a claim for rental reimbursement, and what documentation is required?

If you’re a Dairyland customer, you can log in to your account and submit your claim online, or call us at 800-334-0090. As you prepare to submit your claim, make sure you have photos of your damaged bike ready, along with the names, phone numbers, insurance providers, and policy numbers of other involved motorists.

Does rental reimbursement coverage have limits?

Yes—your motorcycle rental reimbursement coverage includes a daily coverage limit and an overall coverage limit. Check your current policy or reach out to your agent for your specific coverage limits.

Our motorcycle rental reimbursement coverage isn’t limited to customers whose motorcycles serve as their primary mode of transportation. Regardless of your motorcycle's role in your daily life, this coverage is available to provide support when you need it.

Is there a waiting period for rental reimbursement?

Yes—you just need to submit your claim, and work with your claims representative to confirm you have active rental reimbursement coverage on your policy. From there, our claims team will investigate the loss and determine whether your motorcycle is operable. If it’s not, we’ll work with our vendor to find a rental that works for you.