Why motorcycle insurance?
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Why you have motorcycle insurance

When can I get my bike back?

It’s a common question from our customers after an accident or other incident that leaves their motorcycle in need of repair—and off the road.

We understand.

As riders ourselves, we know nothing beats being on two wheels traversing the open road. We’ll work to help get your bike rolling again as fast as possible.

We work to get your bike back—fast

But let’s talk reality, too. There isn’t a set timetable for every motorcycle claim. There are many factors determining how fast you and your bike can be together again. The extent of the damage and any backlog at your chosen repair shop are just two factors that could impact the timeframe.

But you have people in your corner. Our motorcycle claims specialists will work with your shop of choice so you can get back in the saddle. This is why you’ve chosen Dairyland® for great motorcycle coverage.

For example, if there are parts on your bike that simply need to be repainted, we can ship them overnight to a reputable company that we have a long-standing relationship with to get those parts fixed faster. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Rest assured we’ll do all we can to make your bike right and return you to the road—where you belong.

Get insured and ride on.

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