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Celebrating 50 years with National Motorcycle Day

Added May 24, 2016
National Motorcycle Events

State citation honors Dairyland Cycle’s 50th, and National Motorcycle Day™ launch 

For 50 years, we’ve witnessed the positive impact motorcycle riders make in communities throughout the nation. So in celebration of Dairyland Cycle’s 50th anniversary, we put our thinking caps on—as opposed to our helmets—to come up with a way to shine a light on the good riders do. We came up with the idea of a National Motorcycle Day—a day to honor the motorcycle and riders everywhere for their contributions. That day will be the second Friday in July. This year, that’s July 8.

On Tuesday, May 24, Wisconsin state Senator Julie Lassa and Representative Katrina Shankland presented a citation to our company in Stevens Point, Wisconsin to celebrate Dairyland Cycle’s 50th anniversary and our creation of National Motorcycle Day™.

“I want to congratulate you on your 50th anniversary,” Rep. Shankland said. “Thank you for all that you do to contribute to Wisconsin’s rich motorcycle heritage—it’s a huge part of our culture. I think it’s really exciting that there will be a day in July to celebrate and recognize that part of our heritage.”

The day’s reach, of course, extends beyond Wisconsin—hence the name. Dairyland® insures riders in 42 states, and the company has offices and agents across the country. Simply put, we want National Motorcycle Day to be a day celebrated by all.

To that end, Dairyland Cycle® leaders are committed to explore, celebrate, promote, and share all things motorcycle through a dedicated website and social media platforms. Check out and the National Motorcycle Day Facebook page. These platforms will be used to collect and share the charitable activities and events of the motorcycle community leading up to, on, and beyond National Motorcycle Day. Dairyland Cycle will sponsor these platforms and reach out to other organizations to contribute to this endeavor.

“We’re grateful to Sen. Lassa and Rep. Shankland for recognizing our long-standing contributions to Wisconsin’s rich motorcycle heritage and our efforts to shine a light on the positive contributions riders make in their communities here and throughout the country,” said Pete McPartland, Sentry’s Chairman of the Board, President and CEO.