Let’s celebrate National Motorcycle Day 2024

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April 2, 2024

Riders share an unbreakable bond forged through a shared sense of adventure, freedom, and comradery. National Motorcycle Day was established to recognize the heritage, people, and machines of this charitable community.

Riders give back

From charity rides to give-back events, motorcycle riders are some of the most generous people you’ll find on the road. In fact, according to Dairyland research, 60 percent of riders volunteer to support causes they’re passionate about.

Whether you’re a longtime rider or new to riding on two wheels, we hope you’ll hop on your bike and spread some good on this day. 

How you can join the movement

Head out into your community and spread good in ways unique to you. Please share your acts of good on social media using #NationalMotorcycleDay and tagging Dairyland on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Ways you can make an impact

  • Donate to a soup kitchen

  • Volunteer at a youth center

  • Participate in a community clean up

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