Celebrate National Motorcycle Day 2024

Group of motorcyclists with man smiling in front
Group of motorcyclists with man smiling in front
Author Michael Milbourn
Product Manager – Dairyland
May 8, 2024

Mark your calendars for July 12, 2024

Each year on the second Friday in July, we celebrate National Motorcycle Day—a day recognizing the heritage, the machines, the charitable work, and the generous spirit of bikers around the country. It’s dedicated to the unbreakable bond riders share, forged by a communal sense of freedom, comradery, and dedication to their communities.

Learn more about National Motorcycle Day and how you can become a part of the movement below.

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Motorcycle-based charities

Motorcycle groups have historically been active in community building and charity efforts. There are often benefit rides for fallen soldiers, toy runs where toys are collected for underprivileged children, and poker runs used as fundraisers for local causes. Over the years, hundreds of reputable motorcycle organizations have done wonderful work. The list below only scratches the surface of non-profits and charities.

How you can join the movement

Head out and spread good in ways unique to you and your community. Give back on a personal level with one of the organizations listed above, or with more traditional volunteer opportunities like:

Volunteers packing food bags
Donating to or working at your local food pantry
Recycling and garbage bins
Participating in a community clean up
Building center
Volunteering at a youth center
Tree scenery
Planting a tree

Please share your acts of good on social media using #NationalMotorcycleDay and tag Dairyland on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A heritage of speed and service

What we now think of as “biker culture” really began to evolve in the mid-twentieth century. Veterans who had used motorcycles overseas became devoted riders in civilian life, forming local service-minded clubs. Their outer gear and identifying patches created the look most associated with bikers today.

Many of today’s riders focus on community service and activism—in contrast to the popular and misguided image of dangerous biker gangs. From charity rides to give-back events, motorcycle riders are some of the most generous people you’ll find on the road. In fact, according to Dairyland research, 60% of riders volunteer to support causes they’re passionate about.

Find your local motorcycle club

If you haven’t already, finding your local motorcycle club (MC) or riding club can open the door to some amazing experiences. Group rides, rallies, and workshops are a great opportunity to surround yourself with the culture, befriend other riders in your area, and show off your bike.

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is a nation-wide motorcycle organization with hundreds of local charters. The AMA advocates for the rights of bikers in government, preserves motorcycle history, and oversees many motorsports competitions and recreational events. They’re a great resource for education and guidance on all things motorcycle.

Of course, there are many localized independent riding clubs as well as clubs associated with other organizations like The American Legion. Check with your local club for National Motorcycle Day events.

2024 motorcycle events

There is no shortage of opportunities to gather with other members of the motorcycle community. Here are just a few of the great events coming up in 2024.

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