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What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, everyone who operates a motorcycle must meet the following minimum requirements on their motorcycle insurance coverages:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury liability or death of one individual
  • $60,000 for bodily injury liability per accident or death of more than one individual
  • $10,000 for damage liability or property destruction

Are optional motorcycle insurance coverages available in Minnesota?

Yes—you can add several additional coverages to your policy. Because the required minimum coverage limits listed above could leave you vulnerable to significant out-of-pocket costs following an accident, these optional coverages can provide real value. Here are a few optional coverages we offer in Minnesota:


If your bike collides with a stationary object or another vehicle, your liability-only policy won’t cover the repairs and other expenses. To help reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket, consider adding collision coverage, which helps pay for damages that occur in an accident with another motorist.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive insurance can help cover costs if your motorcycle is damaged by something other than an accident. For example, if your bike is stolen, damaged by hail or windblown objects, or vandalized, comprehensive coverage may help pay for your repairs.

Optional/special equipment

This coverage may help pay for damage or loss if you’ve customized your bike beyond its factory standard equipment.

Physical damage plus

If your bike is damaged in a collision, this coverage can help pay for the costs of repairs using original manufacturer parts.

Rental reimbursement

If your motorcycle is damaged in an accident, this coverage can help cover the costs of renting another bike while yours is in the shop. Particularly if you commute to and from work on your motorcycle, this coverage can provide real value.

Replacement cost

If your bike is three years old or newer and is a total loss after an accident, this coverage can help pay for a new bike, including optional equipment.

Roadside assistance

If your equipment fails on the road—from an engine breakdown to an empty gas tank—roadside assistance provides toll-free, 24-hour towing and roadside services.

Underinsured motorist coverage

If you’re involved in an accident and the other, at-fault motorist doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the costs associated with your injuries, you could be left paying the difference out of pocket. This coverage can help cover medical costs for you and your passenger in such a situation. 

Uninsured motorist coverage

Approximately one in 10 Minnesota drivers is uninsured. If you’re involved in an accident with one of these motorists, your expenses following the accident could be extensive. Uninsured motorist coverage helps pay for you and your passengers’ medical costs if you’re injured by an uninsured, at-fault motorist.

Motorcycle insurance discounts available in Minnesota

We’re committed to helping you discover the right combination of protection and value. With that in mind, talk to your agent to determine whether you qualify for any motorcycle insurance discounts available in Minnesota.

Sites to see in Minnesota

Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty. From northern forests and shoreline drives to towering views of the Mississippi River, you're sure to find a scenic spot for a cruise.

The North Shore Scenic Byway

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing ride, look no further. With Lake Superior on one side and the majestic northwoods on the other, the North Shore Scenic Drive more than earns its designation as an All-American road.

Explore eight state parks, visit lighthouses, and enjoy the iconic pizza and pie restaurants along the way. This is a great option for a sightseeing day trip, but you can also make a multi-day ride out of it.

Southern Minnesota river bluffs

South of the Twin Cities along the Mississippi River, you’ll find a series of state parks and scenic overlooks highlighting the stunning bluffs of Minnesota’s driftless region. Check out Great River Bluffs State Park, historic Bluff County, and Apple Blossom Drive.

Avenue of Pines

Avenue of Pines is a section of Minnesota State Scenic Byway 46 that takes you through the Chippewa National Forest and past stands of mature red pines and aspens, along with many lakes and marshes. There aren’t that many curves or hills, so you’re in for a laid-back ride where you can enjoy the scenery. Stop frequently and keep an eye out for bald eagles, ospreys, and even black bears.

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