It’s time to celebrate the motorcycle—and the riders who do so much good

Adventure. Freedom. Discovering new places and people. It’s what draws motorcycle riders to the sport. It’s also what National Motorcycle Day™ is all about. Now, it’s your chance to share in the comradery.

Get ready to ride

This year’s National Motorcycle Day falls on July 9, 2021, the second Friday of July. Think of it as a way to keep the celebration of Independence Day going and enjoy the freedoms we all share.

Share the spirit

This is a time to showcase the positive impact riders, motorcycle clubs, and the motorcycle industry have on communities throughout the nation. So, create or participate in an event or a charitable cause and celebrate all things motorcycle!

Learn more 

State of Wisconsin honors Dairyland® for National Motorcycle Day efforts

For inspiration, see this list of national and regional charities and fundraisers

National Motorcycle Day is a trademark of Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company.


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