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Who founded National Motorcycle Day?

Motorcycle culture is supported by bike manufacturers, motorcycle component manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of parts and accessories, many of which are Wisconsin-based. This includes Wisconsin’s own Sentry Insurance—based in Stevens Point—and its Dairyland Cycle® brand. Dairyland® has been part of Sentry since 1966, when the company began to write insurance policies designed to meet the unique needs of riders and their bikes. Dairyland has since grown into one of the nation’s top motorcycle insurers.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary for Dairyland Cycle. For five decades we’ve witnessed the good that riders do for their communities, and felt it’s important to showcase that good in a meaningful way. To that end, Dairyland has designated the second Friday of July to be an annual day to recognize all things motorcycle—the heritage, people, machines and essence of the culture. This day will be called National Motorcycle Day—a day designed to highlight the positive impact that riders, motorcycle clubs, and the motorcycle industry have on communities throughout our nation.

For this effort, Dairyland has received support from the state of Wisconsin in the form of a citation awarded in the spring of 2016. To make National Motorcycle Day a day for all to celebrate, Dairyland is committed to explore, celebrate, promote, and share all things motorcycle through events and the creation of dedicated digital and social platforms. These platforms will be used to collect and share the charitable activities and events of the motorcycle community leading up to and on National Motorcycle Day. Dairyland will sponsor these platforms and reach out to other organizations to contribute to this endeavor.