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Illustration of Mount Rainier National Park in Washington stateIllustration of Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state

Before you jump on your bike and enjoy Washington’s beautiful scenery—from Olympic National Park to the Cascades—make sure you’re fully protected with motorcycle insurance. Here’s everything you need to know about motorcycle insurance and other rules of the road in Washington.

What’s required of all motorcycle riders in Washington?

To operate a motorcycle as a resident of Washington, you need a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. There are two ways to obtain your motorcycle endorsement:

Once you get your driver’s license and endorsement, follow these road safety regulations:

  • Helmets: All motorcycle riders and passengers are required to wear helmets.

  • Eye protection: Protective gear—such as a face shield and riding goggles—is required unless the motorcycle has a windshield.

  • Headlights and taillights: Keep your headlights and taillights on when riding, even during daylight.

  • Handlebars: The maximum handlebar height is 30 inches above the seat.

  • Turn signals: You’re required to have turn signals installed on your motorcycle unless it was originally manufactured without them. In that case, be sure to use hand signals to alert other motorists.

  • Mirrors: Your motorcycle needs left and right side mirrors.

  • Horns: Your motorcycle horn must emit sound greater than 200 feet.

  • Mufflers: Your motorcycle is required to have a muffler, and can’t exceed 78 dBA when speed is at or below 45 mph, or 82 dBA when speed exceeds 45 mph.

  • Passengers: All passengers must be older than five years of age and have their own seat and footrests.

  • Lane splitting: Lane splitting is illegal, as are any other maneuvers that involve weaving in and out of traffic.

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What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in Washington?

If a law enforcement officer stops you on your motorcycle in Washington, you’ll be required to show proof of insurance. In 2019, the Washington state legislature established these minimum motorcycle insurance requirements in Washington State:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability or death of one person

  • $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident

    • Guest passenger liability is included with bodily injury liability coverage. This coverage helps pay your passengers’ medical bills following an accident.

  • $10,000 for property damage liability

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Ready to insure your ride?

Review our motorcycle insurance coverage recommendations.

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Are optional motorcycle insurance coverages available in Washington?

Yes—you can choose from several optional coverages in Washington. The motorcycle insurance minimums may not be enough to cover all the costs related to an accident, which could leave you paying out of pocket. To help avoid this, consider one of these motorcycle insurance coverage options:

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage helps compensate you if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or fire. It will also help cover the costs of bike repair after specific types of accidents, like those involving hitting an animal.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage

Approximately 21.7 percent of motorists in Washington don’t have an insurance policy—the fifth highest percentage in the country. If a driver without insurance hits you, you could end up paying for the costs on your own. UM/UIM coverage helps cover the costs and limits the impact on your finances.

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Securing a policy shouldn't be complicated

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How to get a motorcycle insurance quote

Insurance quotes are quick and free. You’ll just need to:

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Have your bike’s year, make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN) on hand.

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Answer some additional questions about your bike (e.g. customizations, where it’s kept, whether you’ve taken a rider safety course, etc.).

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Select the coverages you want.

Motorcycle insurance discounts available in Washington

We offer the following discounts on motorcycle insurance in Washington:

  • Transfer

  • Rider course

  • Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) Member

  • Anti-theft

  • Loyalty

  • Motorcycle rider group

  • Homeownership

  • Multi-vehicle

  • Multi-line

Sites to see in Washington

The Olympic Peninsula Loop

The Olympic Peninsula Loop takes you through small towns and the Seattle metropolis, past crystal-clear lakes, and even into a temperate rainforest. To experience everything the Olympic Peninsula has to offer, give yourself several days to explore.

North Cascades Highway

The North Cascades Highway is full of gentle curves that allow you to safely sightsee as you ride. You’ll see glaciers, jade-green rivers and lakes, and virgin forests. Stop in the forest for a picnic, or even spend a night or two camping.

Note: There aren’t many service stations in North Cascades National Park, so make sure to bring everything you need.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park spans more than 370 square miles and is easily accessible via a well-maintained mountain road. Get ready for some breathtaking views of glaciers, waterfalls, and the namesake mountain—an active volcano, in fact. And be sure to stop at the Sunrise Visitor Center for some unparalleled views.

Whether you ride off-road along the Pacific coast or climb along Cascade trails, bundle your coverages and save with Washington ATV insurance.

Get a Washington motorcycle insurance quote

As you get ready to journey across the state, don’t forget to protect yourself with motorcycle insurance. Start by requesting a free Washington motorcycle insurance quote at 866-324-7952 today.

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