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Illustration of ATVs and a UTV on a forest trailIllustration of ATVs and a UTV on a forest trail

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Learn the importance of insuring your all-terrain and utility vehicles

Wondering if you need ATV or UTV insurance? Whether you’re required to purchase off-road insurance in your state or not, accidents can still happen—and we want to help protect you in those instances.

At the very least, ATV/UTV liability insurance is an important coverage to consider. It helps provide a more robust coverage than relying on the limitations of homeowners or auto insurance policies. Why? Because it’s tailored specifically for riders of off-road vehicles.

Here are some affordable ATV/UTV coverages* to help keep your off-road vehicles and adventurous riders protected:

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Transport trailer physical damage
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Enhanced permissive use
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Optional equipment

Make sure to check out all the ATV insurance coverages available to you to help make the best decisions about the coverage you’re looking for.

Have lots of questions, but not a lot of time? No problem. Call us at 866-287-9640 to get your questions answered or start your ATV or UTV insurance quote now.

Understand ATV/UTV insurance requirements

Where you’d like to ride your all-terrain and utility vehicles is an important factor when it comes to ATV/UTV insurance requirements.* Some states and counties allow paved, main-road riding if your ATV/UTV is insured.

Additionally, some lienholders require you to purchase ATV/UTV insurance if you’re financing your all-terrain vehicle, regardless of where you’ll ride.

*Coverages and requirements vary by state. See your policy for complete coverage details.

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We’re known for providing cheap ATV insurance while also delivering quality and reliable services and coverages for our customers. Learn more about the discounts we can provide as your ATV insurance company.

Preview some money-saving ATV insurance discounts you can qualify for today, like:

  • Transfer

  • Garaging

  • Multi-vehicle

We understand that extra money in your back pocket means more adventures. Call 866-287-9640 to start your ATV insurance quote now. If you have more than one toy, ask about bundling to help you save even more.

ATV/UTV coverages and discounts

ATV insurance coverages

Whether you use them for work or play, your ATV, UTV, four-wheelers, and side-by-sides can benefit from the protection insurance coverage can provide. We can help protect your adventurous riders, too. Learn about several of our most popular coverages here.

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ATV insurance discounts

What’s almost as fun as doing donuts on your four-wheeler? Saving money! Check out all the savings options we offer for your ATV/UTV coverages that put money back into your wallet. Start by visiting our discount page.

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ATV insurance FAQs

Is ATV insurance required?

Insurance coverage requirements are different from state to state, and sometimes, county to county. Be sure to find out what insurance requirements apply to you where you live.

How much does ATV insurance cost?

Purchasing insurance coverage for your ATV, UTV, four-wheeler, or SxS can cost as little as $7 per month. Factors like your location, driving and credit history, and your age are considered when determining your specific cost.

Is my four-wheeler or side-by-side covered under my homeowners or auto insurance?

In most cases, the answer is no. Purchasing ATV insurance for your four-wheeler or UTV insurance for your SxS helps ensure you’ve got coverage designed specifically for the riders and passengers of these unique vehicle types.

Does ATV insurance cover water damage?

Yes, ATV/UTV insurance can cover water damage. We offer comprehensive and submersion coverage options to help protect your four-wheeler or side-by-side from varying types of water-related mishaps.

Are passengers covered under my ATV insurance?

ATV/UTV liability insurance can cover passengers and drivers you allow to operate your all-terrain and utility vehicles, but is dependent on your coverage limits. We offer guest passenger and enhanced permissive use to help ensure everyone has the protection needed to ride worry-free.

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