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Our snowmobile insurance coverage options

Time is short to hit the trails on our snowmobiles. If something unfortunate happens, you want to get back to riding as soon as possible with your sled and snowmobile equipment back in prime form.

At Dairyland, we can help make sure you’re properly covered with affordable snowmobile insurance that includes the coverages listed below.

We not only care that you’re protected, we also want to help you save on the cost of snowmobile insurance. Don’t miss our snowmobile insurance discounts or off-road vehicle insurance bundling opportunities that can put money back in your wallet.

Snowmobile coverage options

Bodily injury

Snowmobiling has its risks—today’s snowmobiles weigh less and go faster. Bodily injury liability coverage can help you if you cause an accident where someone gets hurt—or worse—by paying for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses.


If you hit a rock, tree, stump, culvert, or another trail hazard, collision coverage can help cover the cost of the damage to your snowmobile.


Your snowmobile is a sweet ride. Others may think so, too. Protect your sled in the case of theft or vandalism (along with fire or weather-related incidents) with comprehensive coverage.

Guest passenger

Riding with a loved one or friend is part of the snowmobiling experience. Guest passenger coverage can help pay for medical bills if you’re in an accident and your passenger is injured.

Medical expense

As the title of this coverage indicates, having medical expense insurance coverage helps pay medical bills should the friendly trails take an unfriendly turn.

Optional/special equipment

A snowmobile isn’t your snowmobile until it gets some personal touches, right? Optional/special equipment coverage helps protect against damage to or permanent loss of custom equipment you add that isn’t factory standard.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

No matter who’s at fault, personal injury protection helps cover medical costs for you and any other eligible person. This coverage may be limited in some states.

Physical damage plus

If your snowmobile is in an accident, you want it repaired to its original state. That includes the right replacement parts. When you have physical damage plus paired with your snowmobile insurance, only genuine, original manufacturer replacement parts are used when your snowmobile is repaired.

Property damage

Snowmobiling often means trail riding on the property of others. This coverage helps cover the costs should you damage someone else’s property, like a fence or building. Note: This doesn’t cover damage to your own property.

Underinsured motorist bodily injury

If you’re in a collision and the other rider or driver is at fault but doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the cost of your injuries, this coverage can kick in up to your policy limits.


Snowmobile rides can include passage over waterways, including rivers and lakes. If you happen to break through the ice, submersion coverage can help pay repair costs.

Enhanced permissive use

If you allow someone who’s not listed on your policy to ride your snowmobile and they get into an accident, this coverage can help with those costs.

Transport trailer

In most cases, you use a snowmobile trailer to transport your sleds to your riding location. If something happens in transit, this coverage helps pay for the damage to your trailer.

Rental reimbursement

Just because your sled is in the shop doesn’t mean the riding stops, right? Rental reimbursement helps foot the bill when taking a substitute on the trails.

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