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Our Motorcycle Roadside Assistance program

You’re cruising down a road you discovered on a motorcycle riding forum. It’s great—turns, elevation changes, scenic views, and very little traffic. It’s perfect.

Then out of nowhere, you hear it—the unexpected sputter of your bike’s engine as it suddenly cuts out and you coast to a stop. Ride over.

But this scenario doesn’t have to have a sad ending.

Get peace of mind with Roadside Assistance

With Dairyland® Roadside Assistance coverage, you can have some peace of mind riding along with you. Our motorcycle Roadside Assistance coverage includes:*

  • Emergency service to your motorcycle due to battery failure, flat tire, or mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Immediate supply of fuel, oil, fluid, or water
  • Motorcycle towing services to the nearest qualified service facility, if repairs are required

The services listed above are available 24/7. Simply call the toll-free number on your Dairyland Roadside Assistance coverage card.

If you’re a Dairyland customer and would like to add Roadside Assistance coverage to your motorcycle policy, call us at 800-334-0090.

Roadside Assistance coverage is an inexpensive way to ensure your ride continues. Consider motorcycle Roadside Assistance now—before you need it.

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*See policy for complete coverage details.