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Looking for cheap car insurance rates but don't want to take risks by skimping on quality coverage and service? You’ve come to the right place. 

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Learn how you can get affordable coverage without compromising the financial protection you deserve.

What are some of the risks of cheap car insurance?

Auto insurance rates and offers that seem too good to be true likely are. Dirt cheap car insurance costs can lead to the following risks:

  • Poor coverage selections
  • Unreliable customer service
  • Hidden fees
  • High deductibles

While looking for cheaper car insurance premiums is worthwhile, it’s crucial to also find a reputable car insurance company that can deliver quality coverage and dependable service.

Who typically has the cheapest auto insurance?

Finding the car insurance provider that offers the cheapest rates can take time and research. Your rates are based on several factors, including the coverages you select, your age, ZIP code, and driving history.

Comparing quotes from several insurance companies is a good way to make sure you get the right coverages at a monthly rate that works for you.

Additional products

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What are some easy ways to get cheap car insurance?

Here are several actions you can take for both short- and long-term savings.

Purchase the minimum required insurance

Understanding the minimum insurance requirements in your state does more than help keep you legal and safe on the road. Purchasing the lowest form of car insurance you need helps you save money too.

Each state in the country has minimum limit requirements for insurance coverages. Here’s a list of the most commonly required:

  • Bodily injury liability: This coverage may help pay for another person’s injuries if you cause an accident.
  • Property damage liability: If you’re at fault in an accident, this coverage may help pay for repairs to another person’s property, including their vehicle.
  • Uninsured motorist (UM)/underinsured motorist (UIM): If you’re hurt in an accident caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or enough insurance, this coverage may help with expenses related to your injuries. In some states, insurance companies are required to offer you UM/UIM coverage but you can reject it in writing.

Be sure to look up your state’s minimum coverage limits to understand the specific insurance requirements for you. Carrying car insurance not only helps protect you if you’re in an accident, you’ll also avoid additional fees and fines for driving without insurance.

Just keep in mind that carrying just the minimum coverage limits may not fully cover you following an accident. For additional protection, consider purchasing higher limits or adding optional coverages to your policy.

Leverage short-term auto insurance savings today

As you choose an insurance provider and prepare to finalize your car insurance policy, review your financial situation to figure out how and when you can pay—and how much:

Look for car insurance discounts
From anti-theft to homeowners to multi-car, there are lots of discounts you can take advantage of when making your new policy purchase.
Pay up front
If you can pay your total premium in one payment, you could receive a deeper discount.
Consider longer terms
Instead of a six-month term with your auto insurance company, select a year-long term so you can benefit from a locked-in rate, if available.

Plan for long-term car insurance savings

These steps may not necessarily provide immediate savings, but over time, your long-term savings could be significant.

  • Boost your credit score: In most cases, the common factors and behaviors that affect your credit score are also used to calculate your insurance score. Car insurance companies may use your insurance score to help determine your car insurance premium. Improving your credit score can have a positive impact on your insurance score, helping you get cheaper auto insurance rates.
  • Improve your driving record: Accidents where you’re at fault and other incidents can increase your insurance rates. The longer you go without any traffic violations or incidents, the cheaper your auto insurance will likely be.
  • Take a defensive driving course: Completing a defensive driving course often gets you a discount on your auto insurance.

Find the best car insurance for your circumstances

You want quality service, protection, and savings for your auto insurance.

Cheap car insurance for drivers like you

Teen drivers

As a parent or guardian, adding a teen driver to your car insurance policy can be daunting. We offer teen driving and insurance education tips for you to help keep your young driver safe on the road while potentially reducing your car insurance costs.

College-age drivers

Whether you’re heading off to college or a new job, buying insurance for the first time doesn’t need to be confusing. We’ll work with you to help you choose coverages and limits that fit your budget, and also provide access to a knowledgeable customer service team to help answer your questions.

Senior drivers

Many senior drivers are on fixed incomes, which makes payment schedule flexibility especially valuable. We offer a range of payment term options—like quarterly, six-month, and one-year terms—to help ensure your auto insurance plan works for you.

Drivers with violations

Blemishes like an at-fault accident, DUI, reckless driving, or other violations on your driving record can increase your premium costs—and even potentially cause other insurance providers to drop you.

We understand that mistakes can happen, and we do our best to help drivers get back on the road legally and quickly through our same-day, no-fee SR-22 filings.

Drivers that don’t own a car

If you occasionally borrow someone else’s car, you still have options for driving protected. Consider our non-owner auto insurance. It’s a low-cost car insurance that helps protect you if you cause an accident while driving another person’s car.

Drivers with low income

Prioritizing payments while living paycheck to paycheck can be overwhelming—especially when you think about monthly payments over time. We can help with our flexible payment options so you aren’t locked into terms that don’t make sense for your financial situation.

Drivers with insurance lapses

If you lapse in insurance coverage because you can’t make a payment, insurance carriers will likely cancel your policy. But we provide easy policy restarts so you can continue your coverage with us—even after you miss a payment or take a break from insurance. We’ll just start over again when you’re ready.

Additional auto insurance coverages

Want more than cheap, minimum coverage? We’ve got options that won’t break the bank—even if you’re considered high-risk because of not-so-perfect credit, traffic violations or license penalty points on your record, no prior insurance, a foreign license, or you're a young driver.

Our affordable car insurance coverage options—subject to state availability—include:

Can I get cheap “full coverage” car insurance?

There’s no standard definition of “full coverage” car insurance, so it’s important that you review each coverage offering and customize your policy to fit your budget and circumstances.

Need more information as you search for the cheapest car insurance rates? Call us at 888-344-4357 to speak to one of our knowledgeable licensed agents. They’ll help you get the information you need and can also provide a quote for affordable auto insurance.

Save more money with car insurance discounts

We offer multiple money-saving auto insurance discounts on our already affordable coverages to help you manage your budget.

You could qualify for these discounts now:
If you’ve had coverage with another auto insurance provider for more than six months, you can receive this discount when you transfer to Dairyland. In some cases, we offer this discount even if you’ve had a short lapse in coverage.
Need to insure more than one vehicle? This discount helps you save when you add another car to your policy.
You can qualify for this discount if you own a home and can prove you’ve insured it. Even if you don’t own a home, ask us about discounts for people with renter’s insurance.

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the discounts we offer. We want you to have options so you can tailor your car insurance to meet your spending and coverage goals.

How to get a cheap car insurance quote

Getting a car insurance quote is easy. Simply click to quote and answer a few simple questions about: 

  • Yourself
  • Your vehicle
  • Other people driving the car
  • Your driving history
  • Vehicle insurance discounts you could qualify for

Immediately after you submit your answers, your quote appears on your screen. If you prefer to talk to someone rather than getting an online quote, please call us at 888-344-4357.

Expect affordable policy rates without sacrificing quality coverage and services

Our approach is simple. We believe you deserve more than an insurance product. 

  • More money in your pocket
  • More understanding for your unique life challenges
  • More time and attention from your auto insurance company

Cheap car insurance FAQ

  • What type of coverage is the cheapest for car insurance?

    Carrying only your state’s minimum coverage requirements can help keep you legal while only paying for the bare minimum amount of car insurance. All states with mandatory car insurance (except Florida) require bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Beyond that, your required coverages depend on your state. If you don’t own a car but want car insurance, a non-owner policy may be a good way to save money.

  • How can I save money on car insurance?

    Here are just some of the many ways you can reduce the cost of your car insurance:

    With so many options to consider to reduce your car insurance rates, we know you may have questions. Contact us for answers.

  • Do car insurance quotes hurt my credit score?

    No. Your credit history is only reviewed by car insurance companies to create your credit-based insurance score, so there won't be any hard inquiries that could affect your credit score. This new insurance score helps determine your car insurance rates. So, while getting an insurance quote won’t hurt your credit score, bad credit and payment history on your credit report may result in higher insurance rates.

  • How soon after buying a car do I need auto insurance?

    The time frame you have—anywhere from zero to 30 days—can vary based on your current policy and where or how you purchase your new vehicle. For example, some dealerships require proof of insurance before you can buy a car. Preparation prior to your purchase can help you stay safe and legal on the road. Contact us with questions before you purchase your new vehicle. 

  • What damage does car insurance cover?

    Car insurance liability coverages help with the costs you could incur for property damage and injuries to people if you’re in an accident. Comprehensive coverage, meanwhile, can cover damages caused by theft, fire, or severe weather. And there are many more types of coverage to choose from. Because there are multiple types of insurance, it’s important to first learn your state’s minimum insurance requirements before determining additional coverages you might want. If you’ve got further questions, we're here to help you at 888-344-4357.

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