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A rider’s journey

Every ride is a journey. Check out some of the journeys riders have taken on their motorcycles, including one individual who learned to ride as a tribute to her late father.
With the frantic pace of our culture and the current challenges we’re facing, it’s no surprise that discussions surrounding mental health are popping up everywhere. With mental health being on the forefront of conversation, it’s important to focus on healthy practices that build our mental strength. Here’s the great news! Riding more can improve your mental health. We’ve known and understood this all along, but now there’s a scientific study that proves its benefits.
Meet DeAnna, a thirtysomething married, working mother of two boys who’s embarking on a journey to recreate her father’s last ride. DeAnna is the newest member of Dairyland Cycle, and needs first to learn how to ride. Join her—from beginning to end—as she takes A Rider’s Journey.

9 September, 2016
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