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Top motorcycle rides

Who wants to ride? We’ve picked out some of the best motorcycle trips to take throughout the U.S., from mountain roads to byways through the Florida Keys. Read about it, then ride it!
Every region of the United States offers scenic roadways and a chance to see what makes this country special. It’s especially true in the Midwest. We’ve picked 7 of our favorite motorcycle tours to give you a preview.
An incline grade of 11.6 percent. Tree-lined roads giving way to breath-taking views. Sounds fun, right? Welcome to Mount Washington, where riders need to keep a sharp eye on the road and the weather.

3 May, 2017
If you want to see the real Cold Mountain, not Hollywood trickery, head to North Carolina for the Cold Mountain Loop. Along the way, enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway, water views, and those 15 mph twisties that keep you on your toes.

28 March, 2017
Who likes the three Ws when riding—wildlife, woods, and waterways? If that’s you, check out Florida’s Big Bend Scenic Byway. You’ll want two days to cover this byway, as there are plenty of things to see and do.

28 February, 2017
Enjoy the Florida weather by riding through the Apalachicola National Forest. And when you need a rest, check out unique geological areas, historic sites, and miles of hiking trails.

7 February, 2017
When visiting Florida with a desire to stay away from the theme parks while on your motorcycle, check out the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve. It’s a nature lover’s delight, complete with alligators.

17 January, 2017
Fort Davis, Texas, once protected settlers heading west. Now it hails as the kickoff point to the 75-mile Davis Mountains Scenic Loop, which offers peaks, valleys, and plenty of side attractions.

3 January, 2017
Head south to Texas for a unique ride through Big Bend National Park. Experience elevation changes, unique plants and animals, and the opportunity to travel off the beaten path.

6 December, 2016
If you’ve conquered the Blue Ridge Parkway and are looking for a little more adventure, head south on U.S. Route 276 for a motorcycle ride that has more twists than a day-time soap opera. For those seeking more thrills, experience a trip over a waterfall at one of the “rest” stops.

11 October, 2016
One of the many perks of riding a motorcycle is getting close to nature. A ride to Kentucky’s Natural Bridge State Resort Park takes that to a new level with scenic roads, stunning rock cliffs, and roads through the Daniel Boone National Forest. Plus, you can give your bike a rest and hit the walking trails or enjoy a sky lift ride.

27 September, 2016
If variety’s your thing, ride the middle portion of Kentucky Route 11. It offers motorcycle riders a delightful mishmash of pasture, hilly terrain, twisties, and forest as it winds its way through the Daniel Boone National Forest and other geographical points of interest.

20 September, 2016
Wisconsin’s northwoods are a mecca of sorts for vacationers from Chicago and beyond due to its natural beauty and outdoor opportunities. Experience this for yourself during the Tomahawk Fall Ride, an annual rally that draws thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from both near and far to a small town where Harley-Davidson operates a manufacturing plant.

6 September, 2016
The city of Milwaukee welcomes bikers with open arms—as it should, being home to Harley-Davidson and all. The Milwaukee Rally offers a legendary lineup of national headliners, countless events, and scenic rides along Lake Michigan.

23 August, 2016
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