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On the Road: A motorcycle blog

Welcome to the On the Road Blog. When we can’t be on our bikes, we like to read about bikes, right? We’ve got you covered, with articles on motorcycle safety tips, motorcycle events, motorcycle gear, and an overview of some of the best motorcycle rides in the U.S. Check it out.
Motorcycle lovers know Florida has plenty of must-ride routes—including U.S. 98 from Pensacola to Crystal River. Our riding guide includes safety tips, route recommendations, and more.
Your motorcycle is designed to weigh a certain amount with you, a passenger, and your gear aboard. When you understand your bike’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), you’ll know how much you can carry without risking your safety or damaging your bike.

14 November, 2019
The annual Thunder Beach Autumn Rally returns to Florida’s Emerald Coast after last year’s event was cancelled due to Hurricane Michael. We take a look at how organizers are counting on bikers to help with continuing relief efforts.

22 October, 2019
Motorcycle riders know the summer riding season begins with Daytona Beach Bike Week. Now, many more are discovering Daytona Beach is the place to draw the summer riding season to a close. We take a look at Biketoberfest.

16 October, 2019
The highways that cross the Rocky Mountains have a lot to offer motorcycle riders. Scenic, winding roads take you up to picturesque locations and historic communities. Here’s a look at 7 of the best routes to follow.

10 October, 2019
There’s nothing better than taking a long road trip on your motorcycle. But all those miles add up—along with stress on your body. Physical and mental fatigue can make you tired and lead to crashes on the road. We take a closer look at how to help avoid fatigue.

20 September, 2019
Summer means clear skies and warm temperatures perfect for motorcycle rides. That summer heat could also pose an unexpected risk to your health—dehydration. We take a look at the danger and offer 5 tips to help avoid it.

15 August, 2019
Every region of the United States offers scenic roadways. In the Northeast, you’ll have a chance to see everything from the rocky coast of the Atlantic to mountains and winding roads. We’ve picked 7 of our favorite motorcycle tours for a preview.

2 August, 2019
U.S. Route 6 was once the longest highway in America. That’s not the case anymore, but it still has plenty to offer—including the beauty of Cape Cod. We take a closer look at what you’ll find.

1 August, 2019
Get ready for one of the most beautiful motorcycle rides in the United States. The Kancamagus Highway takes you through the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire as you follow the highest altitude road in the Northeast.

30 July, 2019
If you’ve ever been to the Americade rally in upstate New York, odds are you’re familiar with Lake George. But did you know there’s the opportunity for a motorcycle adventure nearby? New York State Route 9N (NY9N) runs 140 miles and takes you past scenic views and to a piece of the Revolutionary War.

25 July, 2019
If you spend time riding your motorcycle to rallies in the Northeast, then Vermont is the perfect place for you. Located between the Americade rally in New York and the Laconia Rally and Races in New Hampshire, you’ll see that Vermont is a state with a rich and interesting history. And it all can be found on the Ethan Allen Highway.

23 July, 2019
Every region of the United States offers scenic roadways. In the Southwest, you’ll have a chance to see everything from sunset views of desert buttes to towering cliffs and ancient redwoods. We’ve picked 7 of our favorite motorcycle tours to give you a preview.

18 July, 2019
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