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Auto insurance blog—Learning Center

Ever wonder how to get cheap auto insurance? Have questions about what an SR22 is? What about understanding the things that affect your insurance rates? Don’t worry, that’s where our Dairyland® Learning Center comes in. Here you’ll find what you need to know about all those things and so much more. Come in and get your questions answered!
How are you going to spend your tax refund? For many, tax season means it’s time to pay their car insurance.
A night out on the town leads to a DUI. Find out what happens next and what you might have to do to stay insured on the road.

30 January, 2018
Know the difference between comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, and what an “act of God” has to do with it.

30 January, 2018
Liability coverage, or liability insurance, is required by law if you’re driving a vehicle. Find out why.

29 January, 2018