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Motorcycle gear

Your motorcycle is your pride and joy, but you need motorcycle gear to complete the picture. From motorcycle safety apparel to GPS equipment and warming jackets, we’ll keep you updated on what you need for your bike trip—and what would be cool to bring along.
While there are a number of things you should do before putting away your motorcycle for winter, one area you don’t want to forget is your fuel system. Improperly prepared gas in the tank can cause problems in the spring. We explain how to avoid that issue with fuel stabilizers.
The summer season is perfect for long road trips on a motorcycle. But the heat can sometimes be a concern. Thankfully, technology has allowed for some options that cool better than a wet t-shirt under your safety gear.

7 August, 2018
As thoughts turn to getting out on the road for a new riding season, you should also give some thoughts to your gear. This is the perfect time to take a look at what you wear to make sure it’s ready to protect you. We have some tips.

27 March, 2018
Is that scratch on your lens cover driving you nuts? We might have some help. We put some Novus plastic polish to the test, and we have photos that show the results. It’s time to get those scratches taken care of.

22 August, 2017
Do you carry a tool kit with you when riding? You should, no matter how maintenance-free your motorcycle might be. Here are essential tools to carry in your motorcycle tool kit.

16 May, 2017
You know you can manage your Dairyland Cycle policy anytime and anywhere with the new mobile app. How do you use it—make payments, receive alerts? Let us know your experience with the app.

3 March, 2017
For those riding in winter, it’s nice to have some electric riding gear to keep you warm. But you need to be safe when using such equipment. We offer some tips in keeping you warm and your bike operating smoothly during winter.

31 January, 2017
What’s the best thing you can do when heading out on a cold-weather motorcycle ride? The answer is layering. But that doesn’t mean wearing so much clothing you look like a snowman on the bike.

20 December, 2016
You can now manage your Dairyland Cycle policy anytime and anywhere with the new mobile app. Pay instantly, receive alerts, and more—all at your fingertips.

2 December, 2016
We’re helping you with the gift ideas for the motorcycle rider in your life. Get some ideas from our money-is-no-object list to gifts that keep on giving and selections from the heart.

2 December, 2016
In an always-connected, GPS-driven world, one must wonder whether paper maps soon will become relics from a bygone era. Perhaps not, so long as riders like you continue to cherish roads less traveled. While digital nav gets you from point A to B, paper maps help you find twisty back roads that bring joy to your rides.

2 August, 2016
You can use a helmet for as long as it’s not in a crash, right? Not so. Manufacturers say that even an unused, in-the-box helmet ought not be considered safe after five years. Learn why. And learn the four areas to inspect on your helmet, and what to look for that signals it’s time to replace it.

19 July, 2016
Today you have excellent choices of rain gear to keep you warm and dry. Here are your options along with tips for riding in the rain.

13 July, 2016