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A rider’s journey

Every ride is a journey. Check out some of the journeys riders have taken on their motorcycles, including one individual who learned to ride as a tribute to her late father.
With the frantic pace of our culture and the current challenges we’re facing, it’s no surprise that discussions surrounding mental health are popping up everywhere. With mental health being on the forefront of conversation, it’s important to focus on healthy practices that build our mental strength. Here’s the great news! Riding more can improve your mental health. We’ve known and understood this all along, but now there’s a scientific study that proves its benefits.
DeAnna has done it—she achieved her goal of recreating her father’s final motorcycle ride. Watch the emotional final installment of A Rider’s Journey.

9 December, 2016
Class is in session for DeAnna as she continues her Rider’s Journey, but she’s learned a lot already. Here are the top three things she’s learned to this point, and it has everything to do with people.

17 November, 2016
Hogs for Heroes was created with people like Scott Kruchten in mind. Scott, an Iraq veteran who suffered beyond comprehension, still helps other veterans heal, even while he couldn’t enjoy one of his true passions—riding. Hogs for Heroes helped Scott get back on the road.

15 November, 2016
That was quick. DeAnna is now part of a two-motorcycle family. A 650 Yamaha V Star traveled the 50 miles into her garage, and now she has a riding partner. So, it’s time for a ride, with a surprise in store at the end.

3 November, 2016
The 1985 Honda motorcycle is home and it’s time to ride. On DeAnna’s second attempt, however, she tipped the bike at an intersection. With a little inspiration, she rides again.

28 October, 2016
It’s nice to have knowledgeable people in your life to help make decisions. DeAnna has at least three when it comes to motorcycles, and they helped her select her first motorcycle. A 750cc 1985 Honda has a new home.

20 October, 2016
Buying your first bike is an epic experience. DeAnna shares a few pointers from her ongoing search, including this little nugget. “My husband, for example, has told me I will need a bike with a windshield because getting hit with a June bug (size of a nickel) at 55 mph is not a pleasant experience.”

14 October, 2016
So I’ve decided I need a practice bike, or—as I’ve tried to sell this to my husband—a short-term loan for my personal safety. It will allow me a few practice runs before my road trip so I feel a bit more comfortable when the big day comes. The irony is, I never would have let him buy one.

6 October, 2016
I put the Rebel in first gear, slowly released the clutch, and felt the bike begin to move. I was scared to death, but I was rolling. And the bike and I were still upright. I felt a bit like an old dog learning a new trick, but I did it! I successfully completed a basic rider certification class.

29 September, 2016
Good news, I didn’t fall yesterday—and I’m hoping to keep the bike up again today. I learned how to shift, to corner. How to safely start the bike. How to safely dismount. So it was a good day. It’s definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It’s been a learning experience.

22 September, 2016
Closed-toe boots. Check. Eye protection. Check. Gloves. Check. Nerves. Check. Coffee. CHECK! Yes, it appears I’m ready for the first day of my basic rider course. Pass, and I get my license. Here’s hoping my dad watches over me and helps me through this class so I can continue my crazy adventure!

22 September, 2016
Being a beginner, DeAnna turned to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation—a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety—for help learning to ride. She found several class options, including some for experienced riders. Learn more in this installment of A Rider’s Journey.

15 September, 2016
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