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Top motorcycle rides

Who wants to ride? We’ve picked out some of the best motorcycle trips to take throughout the U.S., from mountain roads to byways through the Florida Keys. Read about it, then ride it!
Virginia’s 32-mile Back of the Dragon route may be short, but it’s thrilling. This route features more than 400 turns and three mountain passes. Check out our rider’s guide to plan your trip.
If you’ve ever been to the Americade rally in upstate New York, odds are you’re familiar with Lake George. But did you know there’s the opportunity for a motorcycle adventure nearby? New York State Route 9N (NY9N) runs 140 miles and takes you past scenic views and to a piece of the Revolutionary War.

25 July, 2019
If you spend time riding your motorcycle to rallies in the Northeast, then Vermont is the perfect place for you. Located between the Americade rally in New York and the Laconia Rally and Races in New Hampshire, you’ll see that Vermont is a state with a rich and interesting history. And it all can be found on the Ethan Allen Highway.

23 July, 2019
Every region of the United States offers scenic roadways. In the Southwest, you’ll have a chance to see everything from sunset views of desert buttes to towering cliffs and ancient redwoods. We’ve picked 7 of our favorite motorcycle tours to give you a preview.

18 July, 2019
The Four Corners—where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet—is a popular motorcycle riding destination. But there’s something nearby that you shouldn’t miss. We’re willing to bet that even if you’ve never been to Monument Valley before, it’ll seem like you have.

16 July, 2019
If you live in the northern climes, the motorcycle season ends soon. As you’re panning some final adventures and continuing to navigate the challenges caused by a pandemic, consider a fall staycation tour!

10 July, 2019
Every region of the United States offers scenic roadways and a chance to see what makes this country special. It’s especially true in the South. We’ve picked 7 of our favorite motorcycle tours to give you a preview.

2 July, 2019
The Needles Highway is a 14-mile stretch in South Dakota that includes sharp turns, narrow tunnels, granite spires, and world-class views. We’ll explain how to navigate it.

27 June, 2019
The Northwest Passage Scenic Byway in Idaho takes you through the Rocky Mountains on a route with plenty of history thanks to a couple famous explorers. We take a closer look.

4 June, 2019
Many motorcycle riders already know part of U.S. Highway 1, thanks to visits to Daytona Bike Week. But the northern stretch of that highway is also worth a ride. US1 runs the length of Maine’s coastline and offers many opportunities for sightseeing and relaxing.

22 May, 2019
The highest paved road in North America—sounds intriguing, right? Welcome to the Mount Evans Scenic Byway in Colorado, where riders head north of 14,000 feet and fly through the clouds on a ride to remember.

12 April, 2019
It’s one of the more unique sights in America, a highway covered by a canopy of branches. The Tunnel of Trees in Michigan is one of those must-experience rides for all motorcycle enthusiasts. We take a closer look.

11 April, 2019
These days, we take paved roads and highways for granted. But it wasn’t always that way. In the days before the internal combustion engine, getting from one place to another required taking a dirt path. The Good Roads Movement changed that.

26 March, 2019
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