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On the Road: A motorcycle blog

Welcome to the On the Road Blog. When we can’t be on our bikes, we like to read about bikes, right? We’ve got you covered, with articles on motorcycle safety tips, motorcycle events, motorcycle gear, and an overview of some of the best motorcycle rides in the U.S. Check it out.
The mighty Mississippi River forms much of Wisconsin’s western border, setting a winding course for this scenic motorcycle route. Start planning your Wisconsin Great River Road ride today.
2022 is delivering lots of exciting motorcycle events across the country. Check out this calendar to see which ones you’ll want to add to your list.

21 March, 2022
Route 66 is the embodiment of American road culture, making it the perfect route for your next cross-country motorcycle ride. We offer a state-by-state guide to the attractions you’ll find along the way.

18 March, 2022
To find the right motorcycle helmet, you need to consider safety features, comfort, your riding style, and much more. We review five main helmet types to help you get started.

28 February, 2022
Recognizing and using well-known hand signals while riding your motorcycle will help you clearly and quickly communicate with other riders. Are you familiar with these 10 established hand signals? Find out!

28 January, 2022
As you prepare yourself and your bike for another memorable motorcycle riding season, make sure you’ve got the riding gear you need. Read our blog on the 21 best online stores to buy motorcycle gear.

26 January, 2022
Snowmobile season is here! Before you hit the trails, check the weather, get your maintenance in order, and review our other snowmobile safety tips.

10 January, 2022
Lane splitting can help reduce traffic congestion and protect riders like you—as long as it’s done safely and in accordance with state laws. Here’s what you need to know.

20 December, 2021
The historic Lincoln Highway is a motorcycle rider’s dream—a cross-country route with countless opportunities to ride through all types of terrain and discover an overlooked piece of American history.

17 November, 2021
Riding in winter presents various challenges and hazards to watch out for. Checking road conditions and using proper gear are two important steps, but what else should you consider?

9 November, 2021
Storing your motorcycle for the winter months involves more than just adding a cover. From adding stabilizer to the fuel tank to giving it a thorough cleaning, learn how to prep your bike for winter storage.

4 November, 2021
Here’s what you need to know to plan your ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, what to expect when you get there, and all about the iconic roadway’s history.

28 October, 2021
In certain parts of the country, the air is getting cooler and leaves are changing color. As you plan to experience autumn from your motorcycle, don’t miss our best places to ride to see fall foliage.

1 September, 2021
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